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Exclusive Interview with GOT7: Reflecting on Their Debut Year of 2014

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Soompi recently had the opportunity to interview the seven talented members of JYP boy group GOT7, regarding their first full-length album "Identify" and how they spent the very first year after their debut in January of 2014. GOT7 certainly had a busy year, debuting with "Girls, Girls, Girls," and having successful comebacks with "A" and most recently, "Stop Stop It." They also had debuted in Japan with "Around the World," which fared extremely well, considering the group's rookie status! Check out what the members said about their first year as GOT7 and their future below!

You guys have had a busy year since your debut in January, 2014. Do you have anything particularly memorable from the year?

JB: We had a showcase every time we released an album. These stages got me nervous because they were the first place where we showed our new songs to our fans, but I could feel that more fans would come with each showcase! In those moments, I could feel that it was worthwhile to prepare so hard! Youngjae: The day we had our showcase for the first full-length album, November 17, was also Yugyeom’s birthday, and we had a birthday party at the showcase. That was the most memorable! Celebrating his birthday with all the members and the fans made it feel like we were closer to GOT7 fans! got7 yugeom birthday

You must get really tired, both physically and mentally, when you are so busy from activities. How do you relieve stress?

JR: I try to read books in the music show waiting rooms or in the car. JB: Right. Me too! It’s nice to read between schedules, it helps with focusing. I also try to work out. It feels good when you sweat! Youngjae: Me too! For working out, I like playing soccer. I want to have a soccer match with all our GOT7 members!

Do you have anything that you are particularly proud of with your first album “Identify”?

BamBam: When we were promoting the first album, the weather suddenly got cold. The weather was so cold, but the fans still came to the music shows. It was nice to be with so many fans on location! Thank you to all the IGOT7 who showed up! got7 fansign

We’ve heard that GOT7 members are also very interested in composing and lyrics writing. Where do you get the inspirations for your rap-making and songwriting?

Jackson: I look up YouTube videos of senior artists or foreign musicians a lot. I like to try something new after watching various videos.

Your latest title single “Stop Stop It” had a visual concept that seemed to mix old school hip-hop look with futuristic elements. Do you guys have any concepts that you want to try in the future?

Mark: I want to try a “beastly” concept like 2PM sunbaenim. I’ll work out a lot so you’ll be able to feel a real manly charisma in the future! jackson sbs ent awards

Jackson is very active in variety shows, and JB and Jr. have tried their hands at acting before debuting as GOT7. Do the other members have any particular fields they want to attempt?

BamBam: I want to try going on a cooking show!! I want to share BamBam’s butter samgyupsal recipe with more people. Mark: BamBam’s butter samgyupsal is really good. Only BamBam can make it!!

During an interview when you debuted, you said that in 2014, your goal was to let “GOT7’s color known.” As 2014 has come to an end, do you think you’ve achieved this goal?

JB: In the last one year, we GOT7 all worked really hard! I think GOT7 is a group that is charismatic on stage, but is approachable at the same time. BamBam: I agree. We worked really hard on this first album to show this charming side of GOT7. Yugyeom: We practiced hard on controlling our energy to show a naturally groovy dance that goes well with the strong hip-hop dance beats. Mark: GOT7 is just getting started, please look forward to what we do in 2015! got7 bw

What changed the most between the members in 2014?

Jr.: It’s been already a year since all seven of us started living together. Since we almost spend the entire day together, we can tell what others’ are thinking about just by looking in each other’s eyes! Mark: It feels like our teamwork has gotten stronger because the members understand each other without even talking. Since we got along well in 2014, let’s continue to get along in the future! BamBam: I’m thankful that before I even bring up that I want to eat Thai food, the members ask first, and always eat it with me! At first I was worried that the scent would be too strong, but the members all really enjoy it. Please take good care of me in the future as well!!

Do you guys have a goal you really want to achieve in 2015?

JB: I want to be an improved GOT7 than now. I want to make many people happy with GOT7’s music and performance. Jr.: What our leader hyung (JB) said isn’t just a goal for 2015, but a goal for GOT7’s future! Soompi fans, you’ll stay by our side for a long time, right?

Lastly - If each of you can tell us a song that you’ve been listening to a lot recently, that’d be awesome!

JB: I’m listening to 2PM sunbaenim’s “Go Crazy!” a lot! I can feel my energy every time I listen to the song. Jr.: I’ve been listening to “Bounce” which we did with 2PM’s Taecyeon and Junho sunbaenims. The live recording of the song from the JYPNation concert was released recently, and it’s really energetic! Shake it and shake it for me!! Youngjae: I really like Elliott Yamin’s “Wait for You.” BamBam: I listen to Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” a lot. I feel so relaxed when I listen to it with my eyes closed. Jackson: I like our GOT7 songs the best! “Stop Stop It!” Mark: Oh! Me too! In the lyrics there’s a “grand slam” part and the choreography for it is similar to the baseball choreography in 2PM sunbaenims’ “10 Out of 10.” I like that part a lot! Yugyeom: Haha! I do like “Stop Stop It” a lot. I think it’s really cool when we really run, hug, and do the waves during the “I feel like running to you and hugging you” part.

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