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Nicole Talks Fashion, Beauty, and Her Friend and Fashion Police SHINee’s Key

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Singer Nicole was featured in a pictorial for the January issue of star and style magazine The Star. In the spread, Nicole is pretty in pink as she poses in a variety of feminine dresses. Nicole has gone through a lot of changes since her departure from KARA and her debut as a solo artist. In the interview, she talked about these changes as well as fashion, beauty, and her friendship with SHINee’s Key, who acts as her fashion police. “For a while, I was known as a fashion terrorist. Hahaha. In preparation for my solo stage, I encountered many different kinds of clothes and came to like fashion. While in New  York, I fell in love with the modern and chic style. I [usually] pair black outerwear with a beanie and sneakers or mix and match some other casual item. I also like accenting my outfit with a bright item, like a pair of red sneakers,” Nicole shared. She also revealed that SHINee’s Key played a crucial role in transforming her from a fashion terrorist into a fashionista as well as helping her prepare for her comeback, “I would go to Key first with a music video, song, choreography, or outfit. He would always reply with a thorough response, ‘For this performance, for this concept, wear these kinds of clothes.’ His advice and [his seal of approval] has helped me a lot.” Nicole and Key have become known as shopping buddies. When asked about a recent incident when the two were spotted at a curated shop buying identical red coats together, Nicole replied, “Key wore it, and it looked good, so I bought it too. It’s a men’s coat so I wear it oversized. I was worried because it seemed a little thin, so I asked, ‘Won’t I be cold?’ and Key replied, ‘You have to brave the cold in order for it be fashion.’ He teaches me the darnedest things. Hahaha.” The singer also shared how she stays fit, “Aside from pilates, I practice aerial and vinyasa yoga. These days I’m trying to lean out my muscles because I want to have more of a feminine appeal. I also make sure to drink detox juice three times a week. Doing so has improved my health and my skin.” NicoleNicoleNicole

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