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What Is Song Il Gook's Wish for the New Year?

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Actor, father, and husband Song Il Gook will be sharing his wish for the new year on this week's broadcast of KBS2TV's "Superman Returns." Titled "In Between Anxiety and Excitement," the episode airing on January 4 will show Song Il Gook and his lovely triplets' staying at a traditional ryokan and taking a dip in a hot spring during their visit to Japan. To prepare themselves for the hot spring experience, the triplets got into their birthday suits and stepped out of the dressing room, only to realize that the air feels freezing against their bare skin. The triplets started shouting "It's cold~ It's cold~" and twisted their bodies from side to side, making their father laugh at the desperate yet adorable sight. However, as soon as they reached the hot spring and touched the water with their toes, the three started yelling "It's hot~ It's hot~" and evoked laughter again with their dramatic reaction. It didn't take long for Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se to realize that the water is actually pleasantly warm, and Song Il Gook used the opportunity to share his wish for the new year with the happy and satisfied children. The father revealed he hopes the new year brings him less diapers and more requests to visit the toilet. "Guys, please stop using diapers this year and help open up a new world for daddy," Song Il Gook said to his three sons. Unfortunately, his wish fell on deaf ears, and the triplets continued to play with water like nothing happened. Seeing this, Song Il Gook asked the youngest, "Man Se~ Are you now ready to go diaper-free?" to which Man Se replied by shaking his head in denial while letting out a cute "Aing~" while making his father burst in laughter.

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