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BEAST’s Kikwang Says 4Minute’s Gayoon Got Prettier Since Her High School Days

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The January 1 broadcast of “Happy Together” was a ‘Celebrity Siblings’ special, showcasing celebrities who share a close, sibling-like relationship. Guests were actors Yoo Ji Tae and Cha Ye Ryun, comedians Kim Soo Yong and Kim Suk, and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang and 4Minute’s Huh Gayoon. During the program, host Yoo Jae Suk asked Huh Gayoon, “What type of ‘sibling’ is Lee Kikwang?” Huh Gayoon replied, “He’s a friend-like older ‘brother.’” When asked the same question, Lee Kikwang answered, “Gayoon is a like a sister who became prettier. The Gayoon I knew when she was in high school was not this thin.” The two have known each other for a long time and Lee Kikwang shared his thoughts on his friend’s changes throughout the years. “We were our agency’s first and second trainees. It’s been about 7 or 8 years since we first saw each other. She’s gotten prettier since then. She’s lost weight. It’s not that she’s changed a lot, she’s just gotten thinner.” He had everyone laughing when he continued, “To use an animal example, she used to be an odd rabbit but now she’s a lovable, prettier rabbit.” On this program, Lee Kikwang once again danced the dance he’s well known for, his “American dance.” Lee ki kwang huh ga yoon ht3

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