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A-JAX's Jaehyung to Begin Military Service

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Jaehyung of A-JAX will be entering military service on January 8. DSP Entertainment released the news through A-JAX’s official fan café site: "Jaehyung will be going to the Nonsan Training Center and transition into serving his compulsory military service. He wished to enter silently without holding any events. Please support Jaehyung while he temporarily halts his activities in order to serve his country." The handsome member will be fulfilling his national obligation by going through basic military training for a period of four weeks at the training center. After this, he will be a public service worker for 23 months. Thoughtfully, he expressed his wishes to enter his service quietly and posted a handwritten letter to fans through Twitter. He wrote: Hello. This is Seo Jaehyung. I’m sorry about suddenly informing you of my military service. After thinking about it carefully, I have told you the news quite late. I am so happy and thankful when I think about the great love we received and the memories we made. I was able to always smile and have tears of happiness because of those that stood by us and protected us. My military service could be considered short or long, but I think I will miss you guys the most. I will learn a lot and mature before I return. I want to be like a tree that thinks of you first; I will always be here. Please be healthy and warm this winter. Happy New Year. I love you all. -Seo Jaehyung A-JAXjaehyung We wish Jaehyung well and look forward to his return! Thanks to ferdz_Evans for the tip!

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