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[Video] 2014 K-Pop Group Debuts

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Say hello to 2014's K-Pop debuts! The videos below feature 47 boy groups and 56 girl groups that made their debut in 2014. This is a big jump compared to last year's numbers and adds up to about 203 boys and 233 girls! As usual, I tried to cover as much as possible and included vocal groups, hip-hop duos, bands, and also sub-units. For each group I tried to find a good representative 12 second segment of the song that also showed off the members. The groups are featured in order of debut. Who do you think were the strongest debuts of 2014? Boys: Girls: (re-uploaded due to missing a few groups in first version) Random notes: Compared to last year's 10 sub-units 2014 had Rainbow Blaxx, Toheart (SHINee's Key and Infinite's Woohyun), A Pink BnNSPICA.S, HI SUHYUN (Lee Hi and AKMU's Suhyun), Strawberry Milk (Crayon Pop's Choa and Way) and Infinite F. Unlike last year which saw no debuts from the "big 3," 2014 had GOT7 (JYP), Red Velvet (SM) and WINNER (YG). There were a lot of hip-hop duos in boy groups this year. The main image is from the SBS Gayo Daejun which featured a special rookie stage of WINNER, GOT7, Red Velvet and Lovelyz performing "Moves Like Jagger" together. While 5urprise was in last year's boy group video for an OST song, they released their actual first single this in late 2014 and was included for this year. After an early 2014 debut, Kiss&Cry is already in hiatus. Full names: JJCC = Double JC BTL = Beyond the Limit B.I.G = Boys in Groove AKZ = Atomic Kiz M.O.A = Motion of Art 4L = Four Ladies A.I.N = Angel in Nurse A.N.D.S = Aneun Dongsaeng See Previous: [Video] 2013 K-Pop Group Debuts [Video] 2012 K-Pop Group Debuts List of groups on page 2 List: Boy groups BEAT WIN K-Much GOT7 Toheart SoReal TROY Ugly Pumpkin JACE Super Cool Guy The Vinyl House JJCC (Double JC) Rion Five Billionaire HIGH4 2000 Won Incielo BASTERD BTL (Beyond The Limit) Champagne & Candle Rap:Ster M.I.7 ZAN ZAN X10 BiGFLO HALO Penta-G LU:KUS B.I.G (Boys in Groove) LEGEND BLAST ZEST ROK-KISS WINNER Target ZPZG FameUs O Broject MAD TOWN Uniq HOTSHOT One.Case. Atomic Kiz (AKZ) Double T.O.V 5uprise Pure Boy Infinite F HEART B Girl Groups: Aila Rainbow Blaxx Seventh Grade Class 1 Kiss&Cry Lip Service Vetty L Bebop M.O.A 4G Melody Day Poot Poot BUBBLE X 1PS Amori Fati Scarlet Wings The Unnies Billion Badkiz Girl Hood Alice White Pritz Bay.B Berry Good A.I.N (Angel in Nurse) Smile.g Rosemary Bob Girls MAMAMOO A Pink BnN Topic OUIGEE LODIA Step Girl Ye-A A.Kor Taurine Red Velvet 4L 4TEN LABOUM SPICA.S A.N.D.S N*white MINX Road Girls Switch Strawberry Milk Purfles D.Holic HI SUHYUN Lovelyz WANNA.B LULUZ Kiwi Band Sonamoo

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