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Soompi Music Chart 2014 Top 50 Songs

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This is the summary chart for 2014.  We have a total of 632 songs that appeared on our weekly Soompi Music Chart.  A total of 30 songs hit No. 1 this year.  Five artists had two No. 1 songs: Ailee, Girl's Day, A Pink, BEAST, and SISTAR.  There are a lot of competition, but at the end we have runaway winners on both the top artist and top song category, and they are crowned chart champions of 2014.


The busiest K-pop artist in 2014 is definitely IU.  She has four solo top 10 hits, including the No. 1 song "Friday," and also "My Old Story," "Meaning Of You," and "Sogyeokdong."  Technically, three of IU's four solo hit songs also featured another artist, or in the case of "Sogyeokdong," promoting for another artist.  For chart calculation purpose, we considered those her solo hits.  In addition, she had three other true collaborations.  Her duet list include "Spring, Love Or Cherry Blossom" with HIGH4, "Anxious Heart" with Ulala Session, and "When Would It Be" with Yoon Hyun Sang; all three songs were also top 10 hits.  In total, IU has seven top 10 hits in 2014, more than any other artists.  She deserves to be our chart champion artist.  Congratulations to IU.


Taeyang's "Eye, Nose, Lips" is the unanimous winner.  This song spent a total of 24 weeks on our chart, including three weeks at No. 1 and 11 weeks in the top 10.  It scored 1700 points more than the No. 2 song, Taeyang's label mate WINNER's "Empty," which edged out Girl's Day's "Darling."  Congratulations to Taeyang. The rest of the top 10 includes Ailee's "Don't Touch Me," Block B's "HER," Park Bo Ram's "Beautiful," A Pink's "Mr. Chu," Soyu and Junggigo's "Some," AOA's "Short Hair," and IU's "Meaning Of You." See below for the complete list of the top 50 songs of 2014 according to our chart.  Note that to be fair to all artists, each artist will have one song.  Artists having multiple hit songs will have their highest scoring song represented. *Some of the songs have numbers in the parentheses. Please ignore them. They are just a code error in the chart.
[chart id="203" items_limit="50" detailed_items="10"]

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