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Chinese Year-End Program Splurges On Lighting for Lee Min Ho's Stage, Spends Over 100M Won


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The importance of good lighting in a stage production cannot be underestimated and this is something that the lighting director of the grand 2008 Beijing Olympics knows very well. Thus, at the year-end program of Chinese channel Dragon TV, the lighting director installed 100 million won (approximately USD91,000) worth of lighting to illuminate the stage and give ample lighting for the show's special guest, actor Lee Min Ho. On December 29, actor Lee Min Ho participated in the pre-recording for the year-end program of a China's Dragon TV. As the program is a highly-anticipated show for the channel, the network invited popular Hallyu star Lee Min Ho to grace the event. As the event is a very special one, Lee Min Ho prepared the Chinese song "Marry Me Today" which is originally sung by David Tao and Jolin Tsai. He sang it together with Taiwanese star Amber Kuo. The performance is the highlight of the show so the production team spent a great amount on the stage design. The lighting director of the 2008 Beijing Olympics took over the lighting of the stage and installed lighting worth 100 million won (approximately USD91,000) to illuminate the stage and give Lee Min Ho a good lighting. There also was an orchestra that played on the stage to accompany Lee Min Ho's performance. The production team was impressed with how everything turned out, as Lee Min Ho gave a very good performance that the viewers will definitely enjoy.

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