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Hwayobi to Continue Scheduled Concert Despite Fainting to Keep Promise with Fans


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It is being reported that singer Hwayobi has regained consciousness and will be returning to the stage following an incident in which she fainted in the middle of a recent concert. On December 31, the singer’s agency released a press release that shared, “Hwayobi’s year-end concert ‘That Person; Hwayobi’ that was held on December 30 was halted after she lost consciousness. The incident occurred due to severe stress. Hwayobi was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and received a thorough examination by medical staff. She has regained stability and revealed her commitment to carry out her scheduled concert on December 31.” The agency rep continued, “As soon as she regained consciousness, Hwayobi expressed her apologies to the fans who had to leave after the concert was cut off. Despite the discouragement of the people around her, she strongly insisted that she wants to keep her promise to fans and does not want this stage to become a traumatic experience. We have to decided to continue on with the concert as planned out of respect for Hwayobi’s intentions to give her best to the concert, even if it’s not her best performance.” Source (1)

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