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Film "Ode to My Father" Has Already Reached 4.5 Million Views, On the Road to Becoming a Huge Hit


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Hwang Jung Min is marking a high point in his acting career through the movie “Ode to My Father,” which has already reached 4.5 million views. According to the Korean Film Council, “Ode to My Father” attracted 282,174 viewers on December 29 alone, counting up to 4.5 million views since its release. “Ode to My Father” had already reached the highest opening score for a movie with the genre of drama, foreshadowing the popularity of the movie. Despite other notable movies in theaters, “Ode to My Father” is currently topping the box office. Since its opening, the movie has reached 4 million views in only 12 days after its release. It reached 4 million viewers four days faster than “Masquerade,” starring Lee Byung Hun, which reached an accumulated amount of 12,323,408 viewers, and at the same as “Miracle in Cell No.7,” which reached 12,811,213 viewers. “Ode to My Father” will possibly top the records of film “New World” soon, which reached 4.6 million viewers, and become Hwang Jung Min’s biggest hit movie. Many are also keeping a look out to see if director Yoon Jae Gyoon will be able to pull off another 10 million-viewer movie after his phenomenal piece, “Tidal Wave.” “Ode to My Father” tells a story of our generation’s fathers who sacrificed everything for their family and stars Hwang Jung Min, Kim Yun Jin, and Oh Dal Su. Meanwhile, “The Technicians” attracted 104,245 viewers on December 29, making it second in place with a total of 1.5 million views. In third place came “My Love, Don’t Cross That River” with a total view of 3.6 million. “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” and “The Tailors” followed as fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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