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Touristy: "Dad! Where Are We Going?" Episode 101


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The dads and their children are continuing their low-cost backpacking trips abroad, and this week covered some exciting - if not very touristy - activities.

Dog Sledding

Yoon Min Soo, Yoon Hoo, Ahn Jung Hwan, and Ahn Ri Hwan join once again in Banff, Canada. The main reason for this is because the Yoons have run out of money. Yoon Min Soo's excuse is that it was his son's birthday. Nonetheless, the two families continue the rest of their trip together. The second day is set aside for dog sledding, which turns out to be great fun for the fathers. (The sons must be very comfortable, because they fall asleep.) DWAWG 122814 6DWAWG 122814 7

Taipei 101

Kim Sung Joo and Kim Min Yool finally set off on their trip in Taiwan. After several stops in Taichung, they travel over to Taipei for the final stop of the day: Taipei 101, the third tallest building in the world. Min Yool is undoubtedly impressed. DWAWG 122814 8DWAWG 122814 9

Tottori Sand Dunes

Cut over to Japan; Sung Dong Il and Sung Bin are at it again over breakfast. DWAWG 122814 10 However, the spirit of a trip is hard to overcome, and the two are on good terms again when they get to Tottori Sand Dunes. The camel ride on the hills of sand next to the sea makes for a beautiful picture. DWAWG 122814 1

Lake Louise

The Yoon and Ahn families aren't feeling so happy either because of the negative 23 celsius weather outside. Despite it, they track their way to Lake Louise, which is known for its beautiful emerald waters. However, they get there and... DWAWG 122814 2 ...the lake is frozen solid. DWAWG 122814 5 Still, they take their selfie and greatly enjoy the snow. DWAWG 122814 4DWAWG 122814 3 I didn't use "touristy" with the intention of portraying its negative connotation; rather, I think being touristy is great, especially with family. As the episode shows, it's great for making memories and bonding with your family members. Weekly question: What's the best touristy thing you've ever done? Let us know in the comments! [tv]Watch Dad! Where Are We Going? on SoompiTV![/tv]

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