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EXID's Hani Thanks Fan Who Uploaded Viral Fancam


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It is hard to find a needle in a haystack but EXID's Hani proved that it's possible when she spotted the fan, who recorded her performance of "UP & DOWN" which went viral on the internet, among the crowd. At one of the group's performances, the ladies of EXID were lined up on stage and were having an interview. As one of the members was answering the question thrown in by the MC, EXID's Hani was able to see among the audience the fan who recorded the viral fancam. In the fancam, EXID's Hani was seen recognizing the fan who recorded the video. She looked into the camera, waved, and sent her gratitude. Throughout the video, Hani can be seen looking again and again to the camera, smiling. She also mouthed "Oppa, thank you!" to the camera to express her gratitude to the fan who helped them promote their song "UP & DOWN" once again. The fan, with the YouTube user ID "pharkil," expressed his amazement at Hani's gesture and mentioned in his video caption, "Oh! How did she know (me)?!" “UP & DOWN," which was first released on August 27, experienced a promotion revival months after its release after a fancam of its performance went viral on the internet.  The song also ranked on various music charts on its second round of promotion. To date, Hani's viral performance video of "UP & Down" has raked in over 4 million views on YouTube.

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