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B.A.P Opens Up a Fancafe to Communicate with Fans in the Midst of Lawsuit


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After recently updating their SNS with a post thanking fans and assuring that the members are doing well, it has been revealed that B.A.P has opened up a fancafe in order to communicate with their fans during the ongoing lawsuit with their agency, TS Entertainment. Members Daehyun and Youngjae updated their Twitter profiles with a link to the new fancafe created just for their fans. b.a.p twitterIn the very first message on the cafe from Daehyun, he wrote: “To all BABY, whom I miss, I wanted to be with you all even just a little bit, so I’m communicating in this way. Even if it’s not often, I will show you a better image, little by little. Not only me, but all of our members are going to stay together, so please continue to show us a lot of love in the future. Have a good end of the year, and dress warm so you don’t catch a cold, and make sure to eat well. BABYs, for whom I’m always thankful, I love you.B.A.P fancafeMember Youngjae wrote another message telling fans to take care of themselves: "Make sure to eat well. Don't worry about us too much. Have a happy new year. Stay healthy. Let's meet again soon. I love you. Sleep well." Daehyun also communicated through a fan chat, “There’s not really a way to talk to you all and it’s not easy to share news, so I made a cafe. Not only me, but the rest of the members are planning to communicate here. Even if it’s not often, I want to update everyone who is waiting for us. I really miss everyone and thank you for waiting. We really, really miss you. I’m sorry that this (fancafe) is all we can do for you at the moment, when we should be repaying you on the stage. Before we are able to promote officially again, we will not only be doing this, but we are also thinking of greeting you through an unofficial [meeting]. Although we’re not sure exactly what that will be. During times like this, we all have to smile and be happy, alright? From now on, let’s see each other often on here. On behalf of B.A.P, we really, really miss you and we love you so, so much. We really want to thank all the BABYs who have been waiting for us. Thank you.

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