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Highlights: "We Got Married" Ep. 252 - Three Vacations


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We are back for another highlights recap on this week's episode of "We Got Married," with bubblybribri! All of our couples were out of the country this episode. We have Hong Jong Hyun and Yura in Bali, Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young in Macao, and lastly Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun in Turkey. Whether it is from the beautiful couples or from the beautiful locations and sceneries, your eyes will definitely not be bored this episode.

1) Subtle Skinship in Bali

Jong Hyun and Yura have been on "We Got Married," for a while now, but they have yet to show us some major skinship. But I think because they are so young and they show off their cute friendship, the subtle skinship is still really adorable. For this couple, nothing really epic happened, but it was just cute watching them play in the pool, wake up together, eat together, and wind surf together. With this couple, it's the little moments that are just so entertaining to watch. I think the funniest part of their segment was when they tried the fruit called "salak" and they were both completely speechless. Jong Hyun said it tasted like socks and smelled like feet. Their subtle skinship slowly started coming out as they sat on their bed and put sunscreen on each other. 13456810Jong Hyun's protective side slowly started coming out when they interacted with their hunky New Zealand wind surfing instructor, Kevin. There were several instances where Kevin held out his hand for Yura to grab onto as she came off the board. But Jong Hyun ended up reaching out further and Yura kept grabbing Jong Hyun's hand. Kevin even called Yura, "Honey," but Jong Hyun quickly said, "No, Honey!" and stepped in between the two. They sailed off on their boards and just played around in the water, holding on to each other and playing with the seaweed. jy1jy2jy4jy6jy7 Lastly, Yura wanted to use her last aegyo mission for Jong Hyun on his hair. She wanted to tie his hair up for 10 minutes. Although Jong Hyun didn't want to do it at first, afterwards, he didn't really mind. He said it was nothing compared to the flower cap he wore before. He has definitely changed, but in such an adorable way. Yura said that he doesn't like it when people mess up his hair.  But she said that because he let her do whatever to his hair, it made her feel like she was someone special to him. jy8jy9

2) Natural Skinship in Turkey

My favorite couple is off to Istanbul, Turkey! They both boarded the plane and showed off their bare faces, which shows how comfortable they are with each other. Some couples have such a hard time showing their natural faces to one another. And of course, let the cheesy statements begin! From saying something about ascending into the sky and calling So Eun an angel and saying that they will be "sleeping together" for the first time (because it was a long, overnight flight), the cheesy statements were endless. And this means that the squeals were endless too. js1js2js3js4 They were greeted by so many fans at the airport and the couple were so shocked at how many people showed up. Jae Rim led the way, with his arm around So Eun. They were so tired and jetlagged, but Jae Rim was such a gentleman. He let So Eun rest and sleep on his shoulder and carried the bags up for her. He even prepared couple pajamas for both of them. But I think he was a tad bit bummed out when he saw that their room had bunk beds instead of one bed, which they could've slept on together. I was just happy watching them on their honeymoon! js5js6js7js8js9 They used their rope from their wedding to hold their hands together and they went through the market, bargaining with the owners and purchasing products. At one point, Jae Rim saw a provocative belly dancer outfit and had his mouth wide open. So Eun just made him snap out of it, saying, "Wipe your drool." They picked up their lunch, which was a mackerel kebab. Before they ate, Jae Rim laid out a mat for So Eun to sit on. He is so thoughtful! But I don't think they were too crazy about their mackerel kebab as they were just speechless after the first bite. They didn't expect the fish to taste the same as what they're used to in Korea. I love how they just sit side by side, so close to each other. It makes me happy to see them so close! Jae Rim showed off his aegyo as he said "hello" in Turkish. He even yelled out in public, "I love her," pointing to So Eun! js10js11js12js13js14js15js16

3) Major Skinship in Macao

Min and Jin Young have had a pretty steamy start on their luxury trip to Macao. Min really matches up to his wife's expectations, seeing that he carried her all the way to their room and around their entire suite. They shared so many sweet glances and hugs and simply embraced each other. They even played a sexy golf game. But Jin Young couldn't stop here. She showed off her glamour and sexiness as she dressed up in her evening gown for their night out.jm2jm3 [caption id="attachment_685521" align="aligncenter" width="900"]jm4 Just a glimpse of Eric Nam's featured face for this week![/caption] jm6 From telling each other how sexy and cute the other was and from romantic love shots of champagne, this couple was steaming hot this week! They kept exchanging close hugs and skinship, causing the studio audience to go crazy. They shared a romantic moment as they watched a water/light show. Jin Young gave Min a back hug and just held onto him. She said it felt like they were the only people there. jm8jm9 They went on a gondola ride and the gondolier told them an old legend. She said if you kiss your loved one under a bridge while passing under it, your love will last forever. This left the two speechless. They just passed through several bridges, with just embarrassed faces and awkward silence. Then after going through several bridges, Min finally got the courage to kiss her on the cheek. He thought this would work too, but of course, the gondolier and the audience wanted more. They finally reached the last bridge. He finally held her face in his hands and...KISSED HER! Eric Nam and Heo Kyung Hwan even got up from their seats and the whole studio audience was cheering. After their long kiss, they ended it with a sweet short kiss. So they kissed twice! Wow, I have never seen a couple like this before. Most couples, if they do kiss, they do it on their last episode and it's more of a peck than a kiss. Min said that it wasn't something that was calculated, but it was just something natural and he emotionally felt that it was the right time. I see why they saved this couple's segment for last this week! What a special moment the two shared this week!jm11jm12jm13jm16jm17 [caption id="attachment_685549" align="aligncenter" width="900"]jm14 Eric Nam's face of the week! Wait for it...[/caption] [caption id="attachment_685551" align="aligncenter" width="900"]jm15 Woop! There it is![/caption] If you watched this week's episode, comment below and tell me what your favorite part of the episode was! You can also share which of the three vacation places in this week's episode you would want to travel to and with who! bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who currently has an obsession with the beautiful "Sorim" couple and hopes to find a guy like Song Jae Rim. You can follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything Korean entertainment! [tv]You can watch their first kiss on the latest episode of  "We Got Married" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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