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Rookie Group Sonamoo Chooses BIGBANG as Their Role Model


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Rookie girl group Sonamoo chose BIGBANG as their role model. In the debut album showcase that Sonamoo held on December 29 to commemorate the release of their debut album "Deja Vu," they revealed that their role model is BIGBANG. On this day, when Sonamoo's leader Su Min was asked about her role model, she said, "BIGBANG is our role model. We want to be loved all around the world just like BIGBANG." She added, "There are many seniors but really, we want to stand on our own with our role model as Sonamoo. I think it's a fight against ourselves." Su Min added, "We hope to be known as the idols who heal with our music and also a group with unexpected charms. As our name is, we want to show a lot of refreshing and green music. I hope a lot of people can find happiness while listening to our hopeful music," referring to their group name Sonamoo, which means "pine tree" in Korean. Sonamoo's debut song "Deja Vu" is a hip hop song with a strong beat, and tells a fateful love story of a meeting that happens for the first time, but feels like it has happened before. The audacious lyrics and powerful rapping help Sonamoo establish a presence that is not often seen in rookie groups.

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