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Song Il Gook Reveals Why He Speaks in Honorifics to His Wife


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Song Il Gook revealed the reason why he still speaks formally with his wife. Song Il Gook spoke at a press conference for KBS 2TV's "Superman Returns" on December 29 and explained his parenting techniques. He said, "There are really no hard-and-fast rules in parenting. My wife and I always think together, do things by trial and error, reflect, and try again, but there is just one rule. The parents must be happy. If my wife and I are happy and love each other, the children will be the same way as well." He revealed that this is the reason why he speaks in honorifics to his wife. Song Il Gook said, "Even when we fight, we speak in honorifics. So since we were married, we have never raised our voices to fight. Speaking in honorifics is a way of trying to stay that way. My goal in life is to first be good to my wife by being a good husband and being a dad that my children won't be ashamed of. My work comes after that." He then added, "I actually travel to China every year for historical exploration. Before that, I wasn't this mature; I only became mature in my 30s. In my 20s, you could even say I was insufferable. However, that all changed when I started traveling to China. It's not easy to get your name known as an actor, and I thought I got lucky. But what I realized on these trips was that perhaps it's not that I'm lucky, but that my grandfather and mother lived good lives, and that transferred onto me." He concluded by saying, "When I think about how I can give back to society now, I think the first thing that I can do to show my love for the country is to live happily with the family that I've raised. So that's why my first rule is to love my wife, the second rule is to be a good dad, and the third rule is to be diligent to my work."

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