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Goo Hara Opens Up about Former KARA Members Nicole and Kang Ji Young


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The reality show “Hara ON & OFF,” which follows KARA member Goo Hara, aired its first episode on December 29 and the star opened up for the first time about former KARA members Nicole and Kang Ji Young. Hara carefully broached the topic of Nicole and Kang Ji Young’s departure, saying, “As this is my reality [show], it would be nice to talk freely about things that have happened, about me and about KARA. I wanted to share my thoughts with fans, but I was unable to say anything.” Her eyes started getting watery as she continued, “If I were to say that I was not hurt [by their departure], that would be a lie. I want to support them as they walk their new road because they didn’t leave because they didn’t like the work.” She expressed grief over the situation, which she still couldn’t talk about completely. She continued by sharing her admiration for her former members, stating, “Those two are really amazing. I am walking a stable path by remaining a member of KARA, but Ji Young and Nicole have to start anew. At first I was sad, but now I am proud of them. They quickly chose their own path. I think it’s right that I just support them and cheer them on from behind. That’s why I am staying and continuing with KARA now.” Goo Hara’s own reality TV show “Hara ON & OFF” aired on MBC Music on December 29. It is airing as a seven-hour special, broadcasting all its episodes consecutively from 12 p.m. until 7 p.m. (KST). Kara Goo Hara

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