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Kim Woo Bin Talks About His Comical Makeover for "Running Man"


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Kim Woo Bin revealed the behind the scene stories of dressing up for “Running Man.” In an interview that was held with The Star before the opening of the movie “Criminal Designers,” Kim Woo Bin mentioned how Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo tried to stop him from comically dressing up in SBS’s variety show “Running Man,” which was aired December 14. When asked why his make over was the least comical, he replied, “I originally twisted both my lips and my nose. However, Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwnag Soo told me that I didn’t have to go so extreme, though they understood that I was just trying my hardest. They agreed that I should only twist my lips. The truth is, they didn’t want me to use tape either, but I wanted to be a help and put effort into winning the game, too.” Kim Woo Bin continued, “You just never know with ‘Running Man.’ They never tell you who the guests are, and there is no script. I felt no need to try and maintain an image, but rather enjoyed the situation instead. The games were even more fun than ever because I am now close friends with the crew of ‘Running Man.’” Kim Woo Bin, who has previously appeared in “Running Man” four times, won the games. However, he said, “It didn’t feel right because I had to betray my teammate Lee Kwang Soo for the fun of the show. If there were prize money, I would have shared it with him, but unfortunately that day there were no prizes nor money. I’ll have to buy him a drink one day off camera.” Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin will be touring theaters all over the nation from December 24 to 28 and January 2 to 3 to meet and greet “Criminal Designer” audiences.

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