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Tablo and Haru Share Their Last Goodbyes on “Superman Returns”


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Epik High’s Tablo and his daughter, Haru, will be sharing their final goodbye message to viewers through their last broadcast of “Superman Returns.” On the upcoming December 28 broadcast of KBS’ “Superman Returns,” Tablo and Haru, who have been on the program and earned much love since the very first episode, are set to say farewell after one year and two months. This episode’s title, “Haru, Haru Be Happier,” uses Haru’s name, which means “day” in Korean, as a message to live more happily, day by day. For the father and daughter’s last filming for the show, they returned to Tablo’s father’s grave once again, after visiting last year. One year ago, Haru shouted to the skies, “Grandpa! I miss you,” and moved the hearts of viewers. This year, it is said that Haru displayed just how much she has matured throughout the year. As she stood before her grandfather’s grave, Haru said, “This is a hot pack, grandpa,” carefully pressing a hot pack on the tombstone. After seeing Haru’s heartwarming gift, Tablo smiled and told her, “Thanks to Haru, the heavens must be very warm now.” When it was finally time to wrap up the final filming, Tablo opened up about what the program meant to him and thanked the supportive viewers: “This year has been the biggest year of my entire life. I think my heart has grown incredibly, along with Haru, with the happiness that has even overcome misfortune.” Haru also expressed her last goodbyes, saying, “Bye, let’s meet again,” with a big, bright smile on her face.

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