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Best K-Drama Actors of 2014

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Which actors touched your heart with their acting this year? Vote for them at the Soompi Awards 2014 here, but before you do, you can read through this gallery where members of the Soompi staff share why they think each nominee deserves the award. Jo In Sung The main man of "It's Okay, That's Love," I can't imagine anyone else pulling off the wildly attractive but traumatized schizophrenic writer. His portrayal of this intricate and complicated character was brilliant: brilliantly heartwarming and brilliantly heart-wrenching. His straight forward, bold, and odd romantic gestures won the hearts of not only Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) but all women who watched the drama. His perfect face filling up the TV screen is a nice bonus.  -hearteu Lee Joon Ki  Lee Joon Ki is always one of the best casting choices for a sageuk drama. He has given us an outstanding performance this year in "Joseon Gunman" by portraying a hooded vigilante who fights for civilians. His chemistry with the actress Nam Sang Mi and his character's heartbreaking transformation from a nobleman to a revolutionist against political tyranny is flawless. I really felt "Joseon Gunman" was a polished drama of high caliber and it was really due to Lee Joon Ki's saving grace. -Hanyeoun Lee Jong Suk Lee Jong Suk has been my favorite actor ever since “I Can Hear Your Voice.” Since then, I have seen almost all of the dramas he has starred in because I simply cannot get enough of his acting. Almost all of his roles seem like they came naturally to him, making him a consistent and wonderful actor. Moreover, Lee Jong Suk has not disappointed us with his performance in “Pinocchio.” Even though he’s just coming into his fifth year as an actor, he certainly feels like a veteran.   -bluephoenix1919 pinocchio 14 lee jong suk cover finalChoi Jin Hyuk  Choi Jin Hyuk had a pretty successful year featuring in multiple dramas. He has gone from taking many second lead roles to being the main lead role in dramas like “Emergency Couple” and “Pride and Prejudice.” I love Choi Jin Hyuk because he has such a charismatic voice. Listening to his voice makes my heart flutter. I love how he portrayed his character, Koo Dong Chi, in “Pride and Prejudice.” He knows what to say and how to make a girl swoon. His role in "Fated to Love You" was also extremely charming and has shown great chemistry with all of his female partners. With his tall height, handsome features, and deep voice, he has definitely won the hearts of many female fans, including mine. -bubblybribri 응급남녀Jang Hyuk The king of adlibs, Jang Hyuk, stole hearts left and right this year as Lee Gun from "Fated to Love You." His flawless performance of our respectful, maniacal, perverted, and snail loving man with over-the-top tendencies and a wonderful, decisive brain on his shoulders hit all the right notes that had viewers everywhere praising his performance. He owned Lee Gun in a way that is impossible to replicate, but no one would dare to attempt it anyway! Without Jang Hyuk, Lee Gun could be boring and standard, but toss in the off-script "Lee Gun Laugh" when the opportunity arises and the few months of virtually no sleep, and Lee Gun becomes lovable, animated, and downright special. Jang Hyuk created a swoon worthy man who knows how to treat a woman at all times (such a rarity in Korean Dramas!) and sets the heart into overdrive on frequent occasions. -akinahana89 장혁Joo Won Joo Won is one of my favorite actors simply because he's good at what he does. His ability to completely understand and recreate his character on screen is impeccable. Who else could fully portray a genius but socially inept doctor ("Good Doctor") and then warm the viewers' hearts with his mastery of conducting for his role as a music student ("Tomorrow Cantabile")? Every role Joo Won decides to do makes me look forward to the new character he's going to introduce to the world because he is one of the those people truly born to act, giving life to fictional people. -hearteu Joo WonKim Soo Hyun Do Manager! A Hallyu star is only as good as her alien boyfriend (that’s the saying, right?), and Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) met her perfect match Do Min Joon, a surly but beautiful 400-year-old  man. Kim Soo Hyun was a delight in "My Love from the Stars"—at first, he made us laugh when he grumbled about "kids these days"; then, he made us swoon as he started to realize that he could, in fact, fall in love. Finally, he made us cry as he struggled with the prospect of losing his love forever. Kim Soo Hyun delivered every shade of Min Joon’s emotional journey with dedication and heart, so that by the end of “My Love From the Stars,” the audience was just as in love with him as Song Yi. -rughydrangea Lee Jin Wook Crown Prince So Hyun, as portrayed by Lee Jin Wook in The Three Musketeers,” was not always likable. He was frequently cold, cruel and inscrutable, especially towards his wife (played by the wonderful Seo Hyun Jin). The joy of this performance, then, was the Prince’s slow transformation, discovery of his capacity to love, and friendship. Every step of this journey made sense because Lee Jin Wook completely understood So Hyun’s anger, confusion, and regret. The subtle and carefully calibrated work livened up with a generous helping of wry humor. -rughydrangea Seo In Guk  In “King of High School,” Seo In Guk essentially played three characters: an 18-year-old, an 18-year-old pretending to be a 28-year-old, and a 28-year-old. In the face of this challenge, he didn’t just succeed—his performance as Lee Min Suk/Lee Hyung Suk is a sparkling comic gem, fresh, immediate and wonderfully fun. No performance brought me as much sheer joy as this one in 2014. -rughydrangea King of High SchoolPark Yoo Chun Playing a super hot bodyguard in “Three Days,” Park Yoo Chun made the mystery suspense drama more exciting and full of intense action. His diligent action training definitely paid off through his acting. Despite suffering a shoulder injury, Park Yoo Chun continued to portray his character with great passion. From mournful gazes to charismatic looks, he displayed a variety of emotions while still looking extremely attractive. This role proved that his acting range goes beyond the typical rich pretty boy character we so often see. I can’t wait to see Park Yoo Chun shine again through his next role. -kokoberry Park Yoochun

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