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"Misaeng" Director Reveals Kang Sora and Jeon Suk Ho Were Supposed to Have a Love Line


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Kim Won Suk, director of tvN hit drama “Misaeng,” revealed that Ahn Young Yi (Kang Sora) and Assistant Manager Ha (Jeon Suk Ho) were supposed to have a love line. On the December 26 broadcast of the first “Misaeng” special episode, the relationship between the characters Ahn Young Yi and Assistant Manager Ha was analyzed. In the episode, Kang Sora remarked, “Through playing Ahn Young Yi, my actual temperament got more aggressive. One time, I felt really suffocated in a car by myself, and cried, ‘It’s stuffy. It’s stuffy, you stupid!’” Then Jeon Suk Ho explained that Assistant Manager Ha’s treatment of Ahn Young Yi is to blame. “My character spoke harshly a lot [to Ahn Young Yi], even saying things like ‘I don’t even want to see you anymore, so leave,’” he said. Director Kim Won Suk chimed in, “Actually, Ahn Young Yi and Assistant Manager Ha were supposed to have a love line, but we decided not to go through with it. [In this respect,] we put a slight twist on the characters. Our drama is one in which the characters who are in a love line are minor characters.” misaengThis is not the first time that the lack of a main love line in “Misaeng” has been noted. On “War of Words” earlier last month, the show’s panel talked about how, if anything, Im Siwan and Lee Sung Min are the main love line. [tv]If you haven't already, watch Misaeng on SoompiTV![/tv]

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