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Highlights: "Pinocchio" Episode 14


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Pinocchio” has given viewers the gift of a conspiracy this Christmas, and though it’s a sinister present, it’s also fascinating. It turns out that our heroes are even more connected than we (or they) thought, and those connections are still alive today. History is on the verge of repeating itself, and it’s up to our rookie reporters to stop that from happening. These were my five favorite scenes in “Pinocchio” episode 14:

1. In Ha asks Chan Soo for help

I will never cease getting a kick out of Choi In Ha. The way that she interacts with people is just so delightful—the boldness, the lack of shame, the freedom. This conversation with Chan Soo is so short, but I loved it. I could watch a whole episode of Choi In Ha just going around, being her fearless, brassy, wonderful self. pinocchio 14 park shin hye 1 finalpinocchio 14 lee joo seung finalpinocchio 14 park shin hye 2 final

2. Communication is a beautiful thing

What I love about Dal Po and In Ha’s relationship is that they are always able to communicate. Yes, the air between them has become awkward since their break-up, but they still freely and openly share information about important matters. It’s just so refreshing. pinocchio 14 park shin hye 3 finalpinocchio 14 lee jong suk 1 final

3. Bum Jo confronts his mother

I’m starting to suspect that I will never be able to make up my mind about Bum Jo. While I still find his attitude toward In Ha creepy, I really enjoyed his storyline with his mother this episode. We’ve seen how close mother and son are, so it makes sense that his first instinct is to protect her when it looks like her integrity is in doubt. But once Dal Po shows him the evidence that Ro Sa knew that pressing charges against Santa would be good for sales, Bum Jo immediately confronts his mother. It’s clear that this discovery of her cold, calculating side hurts him, but Bum Jo doesn’t hide from it or deny it. Good for him. (In contrast, remember how long it took for Dal Po to deal with the truth that his brother was a murderer!) pinocchio 14 kim young kwang finalpinocchio 14 kim hae sook final

4. Grandpa visits Jae Myung

Oh my goodness. This scene was actual perfection. Grandpa visits Jae Myung in prison, and promises to come many more times to catch him up on how Dal Po grew up—thank you so much, “Pinocchio.” I didn’t know that I wanted this to happen, but I’m so glad it has! (I possibly teared up a bit during this scene!) pinocchio 14 yoon kyun sang finalpinocchio 14 byun hee bong final

5. Don’t go after Chan Soo!

It turns out that Cha Ok isn’t just a lazy, sleazy reporter—she’s also the puppet of Park Ro Sa, who uses Cha Ok to focus the discourse in the news media. I think this is a fascinating development, especially since Cha Ok looks a bit conflicted about it. I wonder how this all started. Was the fire in 2000 the first time? Why does Ro Sa specifically want to divert attention away from who started fires (she mentioned that the plant is owned by a congressman friend of hers, but why would she help him like this?)? Why did she choose Cha Ok to be her tool? I’m excited to find out more. I was horrified, however, to see that the unrelated scapegoat Ro Sa has chosen to distract attention from the real problem is poor, sweet Chan Soo. I’ve really grown to love him, and I was angry and scared that his life would be ruined the way that Dal Po’s was. Luckily, Dal Po, In Ha, and Bum Jo all agree with me, and are all going to do their best to save Chan Soo and get the story back on track. Thank goodness. pinocchio 14 lee jong suk 3 finalpinocchio 14 park shin hye 4 finalpinocchio 14 kim young kwang 2 finalpinocchio 14 jin kyung final What did you think of this episode of “Pinocchio”? Let us know in the comments below! [tv] Catch up with Pinocchio on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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