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[Live Recap] 2014 KBS Song Festival


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The second of the major year-end musics shows followed by the SBS Gayo Daejun, the 2014 KBS Song Festival has a confirmed lineup that includes 2PM, EXO, INFINITE, Block B, Soyu X JungiGo, BEAST, SISTAR, SECRET, AOA, and Girls' Generation (who are performing for the first time as an 8 member group in Korea) and are all set to perform some of their best hits from this year! KBS recently announced they were doing away with the awards so you can expect more music stages from your favorite K-Pop acts.

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Opening BTS - "Danger" AOA - "Like A Cat" VIXX - "Error" Soyu & Rap Monster - "Stupid In Love" Soyu & Block B Kyung Park & P.O - "Officially Missing You" Soyu &B1A4 ShinWoo & SanDeul - "틈" Apink - "Mr Chu" + "LUV" Ailee - "Don't Touch Me" Girl's Day - "Something" Block B ZICO & BEAST Hyunseung - "Tough Cookie" + "Loyal" (2PM & VIXX & BTS - "Happy" 2PM - "Wild Wild West" BTS - "It's Tricky" Secret - "I'm In Love" Taeyeon & HwanHee(Fly To The Sky) - "별처럼" Taeyeon & EXO CHEN) - Breath Lim Changjung -" 문을 여시오" + "임박사와 함께 춤을" B1A4 - "Lonely"+ "Solo Day" EXO Lay, Chanyeol, BAEKHYUN, D.O. - "슬픈 표정 하지 말아요(Don't Be Sad)" N.EX.T & INFINITE's Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hoya - "도시인" N.EX.T & BEAST, INFINITE,  EXO - "그대에게" N.EX.T & BEAST's Yoseob, Dongun - "내 마음 깊은 곳의 너" Kim Junho & Kim Jongmin INFINITE & EXO BLOCK B - "H.E.R" San E Raina - "한겨울 밤의 꿀" Soyu & JungGigo - "Some" TEENTOP - "쉽지 않아" Fly to the Sky - "You You You" A Pink - "That's Right" AOA - "BOSS" Girl's Day - "Booty" Secret - "Talk Dirty" + "Problem" SISTAR - "Touch My Body" CNBLUE - "Can't Stop" Lim Changjung & Fly To The Sky EXO - "Overdose" INFINITE - "Last Romeo" + "Back" BEAST - "Good Luck" + "12:30" Girls' Generation - "Mr. Mr." Nam Jin & All Artists - "님과 함께" CNBLUE - "둥지" TEENTOP - "마음이 고와야지" Ailee - "그대여 변치 마오"

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