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“Superman Returns” Twins Practice Their New Year's Greetings


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Twins Seo Eon and Seo Joon of “Superman Returns” are adorable in preview stills for the upcoming episode  as they practice the Korean tradition of bowing to elders for the New Year. The practice of bowing to parents and elders is observed by Koreans for major holidays such as New Year's Day and involves specific ways to bow as a symbol of respect. In the stills, we see their father, Lee Hwi Jae, teach them how to bow properly for the New Year. Their growth and cuteness is noticeable. They learned this for the New Year’s greeting video that Lee Hwi Jae wishes to send to family and friends. Lee Hwi Jae is a proud and happy parent, until the twins wreak havoc on his plans. Seo Eon refuses to wear his hanbok and cries, leaving Lee Hwi Jae frustrated. Meanwhile, Seo Joon keeps running away at every possible opportunity. Nevertheless, Lee Hwi Jae persevered and held on to each twin with separate hands and managed to start filming the videos. The struggle continued with tons of NGs (aka. bloopers) until Seo Eon surprised everyone by suddenly being obedient and putting his head on the floor while sticking his butt in the air and waving his arms in laughter. Lee Hwi Jae joined in the laughter making the experience memorable and funny. “Superman Returns” airs its next episode this coming Sunday, December 28.

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