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Highlights: "Pride and Prejudice" Episodes 16 and 17


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I really hope that Korean prosecutors get time-and-a-half for overtime, because goodness knows the Public Safety Team could use it. They seem to do most of their work between 10 PM and 5 AM—but it’s clearly a good method for them, as this week they finally catch the criminal responsible for Kang Soo’s kidnapping and Han Byeol’s death. These were my five favorite scenes from “Pride and Prejudice” episodes 16 and 17:

1. “Where are you going, son-in-law?”

Investigator Yoo the elder call Prosecutor Lee “son-in-law,” and I actually laughed out loud. Well done, show. pride and prejudice 16:17 choi woo shik final

2. Yeol Moo the pragmatist

This is my favorite kind of argument: the kind where I agree with both sides. Because I think Yeol Moo is absolutely right—giving the bad guys this small victory by handing over the original copy of the sex tape is a small price to pay in order to keep the Public Safety Team together and working. They’ll never be able to catch Han Byeol’s murderer if they’re all suspended, after all. But the part of me that is an idealist still sides with Dong Chi—why give the bad guys any victory at all, especially since they’ll still probably destroy the Public Safety Team at the next opportunity? pride and prejudice 16:17 choi jin hyuk finalpride and prejudice 16:17 baek jin hee final

3. Dong Chi gives up

Even the biggest of idealists sometimes has to admit that they can’t win, and Dong Chi is no exception. Faced with roadblock after roadblock, having been told by multiple mentor figures that catching the real criminal is never going to happen, Dong Chi finally decides to throw in the towel. It’s a tough moment, because we’ve seen before how willing Dong Chi is to fight to the last. But how can he fight an enemy he can’t touch? pride and prejudice 16:17 group shot finalpride and prejudice 16:17 choi jin hyuk 2 final

4. Yeol Moo goes into the belly of the beast

What a great scene, wonderfully played by Baek Jin Hee. It takes a special kind of courage to march into the office of your boss’s boss’s boss, accuse him of ordering your brother’s death, and call him trash, but thankfully Yeol Moo has that courage in spades. It was so satisfying to see her fearlessly call out Director Lee, who has used his power to hide from justice for 15 years. Even better, she got to arrest him herself.

pride and prejudice 16:17 baek jin hee director lee finalpride and prejudice 16:17 baek jin hee 2 finalpride and prejudice 16:17 choi jin hyuk baek jin hee final

5. Yeol Moo talks to her mother

This tender, lovely scene made me tear up. Of course, Yeol Moo’s family will never really get over the loss of Han Byeol, but now they can start to find closure. That closure starts here, as Yeol Moo catches her mother up on the arrest of Director Lee and the circumstances that led to Han Byeol’s death. pride and prejudice 16:17 kim na woon finalpride and prejudice 16:17 baek jin hee 3 finalpride and prejudice 16:17 kim na woon baek jin hee final

Bonus: Kiss!

I don’t have much to say about this kiss, but I do think that it’s the exact perfect place for this romance to start, now that Yeol Moo is in a place where she can believe that she’s worthy of happiness. pride and prejudice 16:17 choi jin hyuk 3 finalpride and prejudice choi jin hyuk baek jin hee 2 finalpride and prejudice 16:17 choi jin hyuk baek jin hee 3 final What did you think of this week’s episodes? Let us know in the comments below! [tv] Catch up with Pride and Prejudice on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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