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Woman Crush Wednesday: "Angel Eyes'" Yoo Jung Hwa


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I can never understand why, sometimes, it's the friendliest, warmest, and most understanding parents that don't get to stick around for the entire duration of a drama. Oh, wait, that's right! Because then, that would eliminate the potential for melodrama and family secrets that prevent our OTP from being together after multiple counts of on and offs. Yoo Jung Hwa from "Angel Eyes" is a great example of that kind of situation. She's easily one of my favorite characters, but unfortunately, she was only here for a mere two episodes. Her presence; however, was sorely missed by all and was the cause of great grief for many reasons, but it's safe to say that she is undoubtedly crush worthy and makes a great impact on the lives of those around her. Let's take a look at why, with only two episodes, Yoo Jung Hwa managed to capture my heart. (spoilers ahead!)

1. She's nurturing.

WCW_YooJungHwa_Nurturing I will never forget the moment Yoo Jung Hwa embraced Yoon Soo Wan with open arms and no questions asked the very instant she laid eyes on her, drenched to the core and clearly frightened out of her wits. By treating her as an ordinary person, rather than someone with a disability, Yoo Jung Hwa did more than offer temporary shelter to a young girl. With her winning personality and naturally nurturing attitude, she allowed Yoon Soo Wan to blossom into a beautiful woman and gave her the rays of sunshine she so desperately needed. When Yoon Soo Wan wanted her eyesight back in order to see her and Park Dong Joo, Yoo Jung Hwa instilled even more self confidence into her by saying that the person she wants Yoon Soo Wan to see first is herself... so that she would know how pretty she was.

2. Yoo Jung Hwa always sets a great example.

WCW_YooJungHwa_Example Whether it's being upstanding citizens, being respectful to others, or living life to the fullest, Yoo Jung Hwa taught her children, Park Dong Joo and Park Hye Joo well. She's the perfect role model and that is clearly reflected back from the way her children grew up into mature adults, even when she was no longer there to offer her guidance. At the same time, while she was never physically there for them anymore, the memories of her and the words that she had spoken follows them on a daily basis, so it's almost like she's never really gone. It's clear that they, along with Yoon Soo Wan, loved her deeply and dearly and I can most certainly understand why. It's more difficult to not love a woman like Yoo Jung Hwa than it is to love without reserve.

3. She's patient.

WCW_YooJungHwa_Patient It is difficult, I imagine, to be the wife of a firefighter, to know that every single day your husband is working is another day in which he risks his own life for the sake of others. It means that, in a single moment, the life and family you have built together can absolutely shatter. It means never being able to make plans without interruptions because you never know when he'll be rushing away to rescue someone and many days and nights of solitude because he's hard at work at all hours. He can disappear without a trace and you'd never know how he's doing because he can't call, so you only worry and wonder and hope. This kind of lifestyle isn't for everyone, but for Yoo Jung Hwa, she manages well and always cherishes each moment. Although brief, we clearly see the understanding and patience between husband and wife. There is an unspoken amount of love, respect, and mutual trust in each other and the fact that Yoo Jung Hwa doesn't even speak up or look too concerned about her husband rushing off in the middle of dinner to lend a hand at yet another accident site proves how strong and capable she is as a woman. Not many people have such a high level of patience, but for Yoo Jung Hwa, it seems her supply is truly limitless.

4. She's happy, optimistic, carefree, and fun-loving.

WCW_YooJungHwa_Smile That seems like four separate reasons, doesn't it? But I feel that, in Yoo Jung Hwa's case, they are all linked together because she makes them become one and the same. When she's happy, that means she's also carefree, fun loving, and optimistic. When she's fun loving, that means she's happy, carefree, and optimistic. One can't exist without the other three and, quite frankly, her way of living is contagious! There are smiles all around when she's present - Park Hye Joo's adorable smile even when she's so sick, she's anxiously awaiting surgery, Park Dong Joo's endearing smile even while he's still mourning the death of his father and the impact it had on his mother, and Yoon Soo Wan's genuine smile in the face of darkness and depression. Yoo Jung Hwa dances, teases, jokes around, and generally has a "loving life" demeanor that it makes others slightly envious of her constant positivity.

5. Yoo Jung Hwa has wise words of wisdom.

WCW_YooJungHwa_Wisdom There is one situation in particular where her words of wisdom has stayed with me even now and that was when Park Hye Joo was knitting. She said to her brother, "Mom used to knit when we were little. When I asked if it was hard, she said there was no better way to express love. You think of that person with each stitch. If you miss one stitch, it's like asking for forgiveness after a fight because you have to unravel it from there and start over. Since it's one of a kind, it's a gift that won't fit anyone else either. It's the same as loving someone." Hearing that suddenly made me want to drop everything I was doing to go out and buy some yarn. I would have had to learn how to knit, but the urge to know and understand the emotions that comes with knitting something for someone you love was strong. Yoo Jung Hwa was truly a wise woman who knew how to say the right things and make lasting, memorable impressions.

Bonus Reason

WCW_YooJungHwa_Bonus She's a fabulous cook! Whether it's making porridge for daily morning deliveries or leaving Yoon Soo Wan audio recipes, Yoo Jung Hwa definitely knows her way around the kitchen. Yum! What did you think of Yoo Jung Hwa? Did you like her as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below and remember to nominate your Woman Crush Wednesdays! Until next time, Soompiers, and happy holidays! [tv]Catch Yoo Jung Hwa's infectious smile in Angel Eyes on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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