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Top Ten K-drama Moments Of The Week - December Week 4


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We're feeling a bit bittersweet presenting this top 10 because this is the last time we'll be featuring "Misaeng," possibly the best drama of 2014. Even if this were a top 20 list, it wouldn't be enough to share all the final moments from the show that have solidified it as a favorite of many K-drama lovers. However, other dramas did not disappoint either, serving up its best of buzz-worthy scenes this past week. Check it out! t10misaengw41. "Misaeng": No one gets left behind The final week of "Misaeng" was as replete with emotional punch as the first time it aired that we're still cleaning the tear stains off of our keyboards! However, this time, it wasn't just the audience rooting for Geu Rae to find his place in the company. Geu Rae's fellow newbies and their seniors had taken up Manager Oh's cause to help our underdog transition from a contract worker into a full-time employee at One International. Baek Ki compiled a portfolio of Geu Rae's work for the Steel Team, and Manager Sun and Young Yi appealed to Human Resources for a fair evaluation of his performance at the organization. Meanwhile, Suk Yool successfully rallied for support through the company's message board as he recounted Geu Rae's initial struggles, his unceasing growth through his hard work, and the difference he made in the office. Sadly, their impassioned movement failed, but a wistful Geu Rae left the company possibly with fewer regrets knowing that he had a second family who'd have done anything for him. 2. "Pinocchio": I'll leave it to you

Ha Myeong gave up on In Ha partly to show his brother that he can avenge his parents by going after her mother, Cha Ok. However, it turns out that Jae Myeong needs him to pass a different test, one of his credibility as a reporter. Ha Myeong passes it by following up on the damning evidence his brother sent anonymously.

We love this scene because despite their difference of opinion about---hmm---murder, deep down, these brothers share the same principles and values. Yes, we're amazed at how the writing makes us sympathize with a serial murderer.

3. "Punch": The universe always finds a way

Park Jung Hwan is a master manipulator who doesn't hesitate to use his own child for political gain. He is able to control almost everyone because he knows where all the bodies are buried.

The only doctor who can perform the surgery he desperately needs will only do it if he makes his legal troubles disappear. Unfortunately for him, he faints in the process of manipulating another prosecutor to make that happen.

This scene stuck out to us because the one thing Jung Hwan can't bend to his will is his own body, which inadvertently gave the other prosecutor ammunition against him.


4. "Dr. Frost": Death is an option

Song Sun was in a dire pinch when her handsome and sweet co-worker held her captive. He had had a crush on her for a while, but his affection for her became dangerous when he decided he wanted to propose and marry her. To get out of this predicament, Sun ate the nuts in her salad, to which she was allergic. When she began showing of symptoms of anaphylactic shock, he scuttled to the kitchen for a glass of water. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Sun called for help. Luckily, it showed up in time and Frost was able to inject her with an EpiPen.

The irony hadn't escaped us that to save her life, Sun had to further endanger it, but we admire her courage.

5. "Misaeng": Bromance overload

"Misaeng" was a unique show with no romance, but it did have plenty of love stories. The love story of Sales Team 3 was among the inspiring ones, and so, it was very crushing to watch the group break up when Manager Oh and Geu Rae left One International. For Dong Shik, this was too much, the bond between him and his team meaning more to him than a promotion or longtime security in an established firm. Loyal to his own happiness, he quit One International and invited himself to join his old boss, Geu Rae, and Mr. Kim at their new venture. Even with the lack of romance, this love story still ended up with some skinship as the team capped their reunion with a hug ... but was there really no room for Mr. Kim? LOL.

6. "Healer": Sing-a-long with Young Shin

Our adorable "Healer" was once again stuck listening to Young Shin sing, only this time, without her father accompanying her. LOL.

While searching her room for clues, he quickly snuck under her bed when she came in. Not only did he have to listen to her rendition of "Hug" by DBSK, but he also ended up with her pajamas being kicked onto his face. LOL. This guy needs to either wait until no one is home or start bringing earplugs to his missions.


7. "The Legendary Witch": Girl, get a clue!

Joo Hee was shocked at the sight of Byul and Soo In behaving like mother and daughter at a school event. Unable to hide her outrage, Joo Hee yelled at Soo In. Soo In's ambiguous relationship with Woo Suk was at the heart of her anger. Things only got worse for Joo Hee when Woo Suk revealed that he asked Soo In to go with Byul so that they could become closer.

We wonder when Joo Hee will stop behaving as though she owns Woo Suk!

8. "Rosy Lovers": Runaway bride

On "Rosy Lovers," we finally saw someone do the right thing during one of those ridiculous, forced weddings that seem to be common in K-dramas.

Soo RyunJang Mi's older sister, refused to marry the man her father pushed on her, running out of the church in her wedding dress.

Thank goodness one of these sisters wasn't afraid to stand up to their horrible dad, stopping him from ruining her life because of his greed. Run, Soo Ryun! We're behind you all the way!


9. "Valid Love": And so it begins

Kim Joon has done nothing but express utter annoyance with Il Ree; however, when driven to the point of madness, he communicates his true feelings with a kiss. No longer able to push her away, he welcomes her into his life, forcing the once intrusive Il Ree to practice restraint. Life has become more complicated now that Il Ree, who wants to stay away, finds herself succumbing to the temptation of meeting him.


10. "Sweden Laundry": Bringing Christmas back

Christmas is taboo in Bom's house because it coincides with the death of her father's passing. Each year, the celebratory nature of the season is overshadowed by the loneliness of her mother, who misses Bom's father dearly but refuses to mention him. It is through her experience of helping someone who lost a precious pet on Christmas, that Bom learns how they can celebrate. Bringing out the old Christmas tree, she encourages her family to cherish the memories of her father instead of grieving his absence.

That's all for this week! Have a happy holiday, but don't miss out on your K-drama viewing! LOL.

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