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Boy Band Pure Boy Pickets for the Reunion of TVXQ and JYJ


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On December 22, boy band Pure Boy picketed for the reunion of TVXQ and JYJ in the heart of Myeongdong. Pure Boy said that they started the demonstration after they spent months in Japan, realizing how influential the old TVXQ was in raising the status of Korea. “I could tell how legendary the old TVXQ were in their achievements when I was in Japan,” Pure Boy’s Hyobin said. “It is a tragedy to see the treasure of our nation to be split in two separate groups. I am sure that all fans hope they will reunite and perform on the stage together for one last time.” Four members of Pure Boy went in turns picketing for the reunion of TVXQ for at least six hours, despite the below freezing temperature. After conflict with their managing agency in 2009-2010, TVXQ faced the misfortune of being divided into JYJ and a two member TVXQ. Despite their separation, these two groups are currently two of the most popular K-pop artists worldwide. “During elementary school in the U.S., I dreamed of becoming a singer while watching the performances of TVXQ. They were idolized by Korean-Americans and made us proud to be Korean. I was so shocked when I heard of their separation during high school,” said rapper Hayeong, who was born and raised in LA. IT Entertainment, Pure Boy's managing agency, Director and Korean-Japanese Go Chul said, “In the past, TVXQ made oversea residents in the U.S. and Japan proud to say that they were Korean. Foreigners came up to us because they wanted to talk with a Korean, people that had been out of touch contacted for Korean lessons, and TVXQ was always the center of attention. During the years they were together, I was proud and pleased to be a Korean.” “The Old TVXQ was a one in a century kind of group. I’m sure millions of fans worldwide wish to see all five members back on the stage together for at least one last time,” IT Entertainment co-representative Park Sang Hyun said. “The increase of Korea’s net worth due to the brand value TVXQ has provided will be over a billion dollars.” He continued, “I desperately plead for the two agencies and divided members to make up for the better good of the country. This is the last chance, since all five members will soon be drafted into the army. The fans, who are also divided in two, wish for the two groups to stop fighting and make peace.” Meanwhile, Pure Boy released their winter song, “When White Snow Falls,” on December 23.

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