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Christmas Poster for Upcoming Film "Love Forecast" Released


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A new promotional poster for the upcoming film “Love Forecast” has been released portraying its stars, actors Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won. The poster is Christmas themed, featuring the actors posed as the couple they play in the movie, and displays the movie’s core slogan:  “In the new year, let’s stop crushing and start dating!”

Lee Seung Gi plays Jun Su in the film, a character who has been hurt by continuous unsuccessful relationships.  His warm-hearted appearance in the poster seems to suggest his arrival as the new male icon of romance comedies, while Moon Chae Won’s cute pose and playful smile are very suggestive of her character’s bouncy personality.

“Love Forecast” will provide an honest portrayal of today’s dating culture and examine how the ambiguity and uncertainty of new relationships has made falling in love more difficult. The film, directed by Park Jin Pyo, will be released on January 15.

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