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Highlights: "Dad! Where Are We Going?" Episode 100


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Following last week's introduction, today's episode of "Dad! Where Are We Going?" was part 2 of the international trips!

Banff, Canada

Ahn Family

It seems Ahn Jung Hwan finally got out of that snow, because he and Ahn Ri Hwan are on their way to the Johnston Canyon. They track through the snow for an hour to get to the waterfall, which is definitely worth it for the both of them. DWAWG 141221 2DWAWG 141221 3DWAWG 141221 4 It seems the trip has done good for their relationship, as Ri Hwan is full of cuteness and Jung Hwan is full of love. They take many selfies to commemorate. DWAWG 141221 5 They also go sledding, dog sledding (Ahn Jung Hwan is the sled dog), have a snowball fight (with the sled), and cook s'mores and sausages over the fire. DWAWG 141221 13DWAWG 141221 14DWAWG 141221 15

Yoon Family

It's Yoon Hoo's birthday! Yoon Min Soo gets up early in the morning to make a toast, cheese, ham, and strawberry jam birthday cake for his son. The surprise is a success, and the nearby travelers are kind enough to join in congratulating Hoo for his birthday. What a great first morning to their trip. DWAWG 141221 1

Batanes, Philippines

Jung & Lim Family

The two families of Jung Woong In, Jung Se Yoon, Ryu Jin, and Lim Chan Hyung are traveling together on the island of Batanes, Philippines. The first place they head to is Rolling Hills, which is called the edge of the world for a reason. It overlooks the sea, the sun moving through the clouds like some kind of movie. It's windy, romantic and gorgeous. (And now on my list of places I want to travel to.) DWAWG 141221 6DWAWG 141221 7DWAWG 141221 8DWAWG 141221 9 However, their next destination is the complete opposite. It's the Japanese Tunnel, a 200-meter tunnel built during World War II by the Japanese as a hide out. The four bravely explore the whole thing, bats and all included. DWAWG 141221 10DWAWG 141221 11DWAWG 141221 12 Finally, they head in for the night. After a quick nap, dinner is served. Ryu Jin cooks up a coconut crab, which puts up a fight. DWAWG 141221 16 Dinner is also an exploration, which is fitting for the theme of the trip. Some are happy with the result... DWAWG 141221 19DWAWG 141221 18 ...and some are not. DWAWG 141221 17

Nagoya, Japan

Sung Family

We finally catch up with Sung Dong Il and Sung Bin who are in Nagoya, Japan. Because Bin showed high interest, their first stop is "spirit monster road," a tourist stop filled with animated ghosts and monsters commemorating Mizuki Shigeru's work. Unsurprisingly, Bin is completely mesmerized. DWAWG 141221 20 The two struggle to meet eye-to-eye about things along the way though, like buying a $4 water bottle and having to eat samples to save money for food. Sung Dong Il also struggles when they have to transfer trains to get to their housing for the night. Eventually, the two end up in an awkward place. DWAWG 141221 21 But, they're not father and daughter for nothing. DWAWG 141221 22

Taichung, Taiwan

Kim Family

...unfortunately, did not make air time this week. But I'm sure Kim Sung Joo and Kim Min Yool have more fun moments for us next week! Speaking of, today's episode did not cover much at all. I'm wondering how many weeks this trip is going to take to cover. Luckily, it's the best "Dad! Where Are We Going?" has been in a while, so I'm definitely not complaining. So, weekly question: Johnston Canyon, sledding and snowball fights, standing at the edge of the world, exploring a cave with bats, or going to spirit monster road? [tv]Watch Dad! Where Are We Going? on SoompiTV![/tv]

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