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Yoo Seung Ho Talks About Female Celebrities, His Ideal Type, and Wanting to Marry a Non-Celebrity


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On December 21, actor Yoo Seung Ho greeted and spent time with fans through his very first fan meeting event since finishing up his military service at the beginning of this month. During the fan meeting, the actor was asked to answer a long list of questions sent in by his fans, including questions about female celebrities, his ideal type, as well as his future plans for dating and marriage. When asked which female celebrity he most wanted to see while in the army, Yoo Seung Ho stated, “I wanted to see everyone.” The fan further questioned if there is any female celebrity he has interest in, to which he answered, “There isn’t.” Another fan asked the actor when he thinks he is good-looking, and what he ate in order to become that handsome. He shared, “After I take a shower. I ate my mother’s food,” causing laughter amongst fans. On the topic of dating and his future plans for marriage, Yoo Seung Ho explained, “If I end up dating later, I will let you know. I like the same age, but I think a 4-year age difference is reasonable. As for marriage, I would like to marry a non-celebrity later.” When the actor was asked to describe his ideal type, he stated, “I like pure/innocent women. My ideal type has changed since returning from the army. I liked short hair before, but now I like a long, wavy style.” The actor also discussed what made him think about the reason he started acting: “During one of my breaks, I went to watch the movie ‘Taken’ with my mother. I always have to watch anything that Liam Neeson stars in. I had the thought that even just watching him throughout [the movie] made me happy. That’s why I came to think about the reason I began acting. I realized that it’s because there are people who like me that I’m able to continue acting. I thought that I want to give even more happiness to those people, as much as they like me. Whether it’s one hour or two hours, I want to make them happy during that amount of time.” Finally, Yoo Seung Ho expressed his sincerity toward his fans, saying, “Fans are very precious. At times, there are no words more comforting than ‘gain strength.’ I’m thankful that [fans] are always the first to react and support me no matter what I do.”

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