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Man Crush Monday: "Coffee Prince's" Choi Han Kyul


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Ah... Choi Han Kyul from "Coffee Prince." Both his name and the name of the drama always brings back fond memories. While I watched my very first drama fourteen years ago as a wee kid with "Autumn in my Heart" and followed up with a few other dramas here and there throughout the years, it was "Coffee Prince" that became the catalyst to my drama addiction, one that I haven't been able to shake off even now. Is it any wonder, then, that Choi Han Kyul would make it onto my list of Man Crush Monday? As if that wasn't reason enough, I even managed to get my best friend onto the drama bandwagon through "Coffee Prince" and Choi Han Kyul. Talk about being crush worthy to the extreme! But what, exactly, is it about him that gets people swooning? Let's find out together! (Spoilers ahead!)

1. Choi Han Kyul knows how to have fun!

MCM_ChoiHanKyul_FunMCM_ChoiHanKyul_Fun2 For most of us, we're not creative enough to concoct as drastic of a plan as Choi Han Kyul's to thwart a grandmother's blind date attempts, but it seems like he really enjoys witnessing the women's reaction to his "homosexual nature," even if it means getting beat, slapped, or outright bashed with a handbag. His fun certainly doesn't end there though, since he's actually quite the goofball and has no qualms about jumping into a water fountain, dancing through water sprinklers, or singing at the top of his tipsy lungs. His "bromance" with Go Eun Chan also portrays his fun side since their silliness seems to emerge the most when in each others' presence, but... I suppose it does take two to tango!

2. He's a complete gentlemen.

MCM_ChoiHanKyul_Gentlemen Oh boy. Who could forget Choi Han Kyul's heart stopping statement to Go Eun Chan? "If you come in... I'm not letting you go home tonight. I warned you." It's so endearing to see him acting like the perfect gentlemen even when he's itching to do something else entirely, but at the same time, I couldn't prevent my endless giggling as I watched him fret and panic over Go Eun Chan's every action - as if her simple touch or glance will completely set him off. It doesn't help that she's a sneak as well because she knows what Choi Han Kyul is going through and yet she teases him almost relentlessly because, hey, she's just too shy to put their mutual feelings and desires into words! Still, he gets a big handful of kudos (or however they're given out) for resisting as long as he did! What a gentlemen, indeed!

3. Choi Han Kyul is sugary sweet.

MCM_ChoiHanKyul_Sweet Ahhh... Look at that face! Look at that smile! Choi Han Kyul is the epitome of sweet and I swore I had cavities after every episode of "Coffee Prince" I watched. From his dorktastic expressions, barely repressed yet secretive smiles, and romantic gestures during work to serenading a good morning love song to Go Eun Chan and shuffling up to her to get physically close while under the guise of reaching for supplies on the shelf, Choi Han Kyul is as suave and charming as can be. He definitely knows how to send hearts aflutter and without even trying! It's a total bonus that he's also considerate enough to put aside his own wishes for the well being of others, namely dealing with a couple of years without Go Eun Chan so that she can fulfill her dreams of really learning to make coffee like a pro and come back to him as a grade A barista.

4. When he loves, he really loves.

MCM_ChoiHanKyul_Love2"I like you. Whether you're a man or an alien, I don't care anymore." Cue endless squealing! Even though Choi Han Kyul felt tormented and suffered tremendously over his confusion and feelings for Go Eun Chan, he finally took the initiative to go after what he wanted, consequences and all. Although I felt terrible that he was mentally and emotionally tortured for naught, it proved that Choi Han Kyul is honest to himself in every single way. He certainly tried his hardest not to feel anything for Go Eun Chan, but despite his numerous attempts to move on, he couldn't... until the point where he fairly exploded, emotionally speaking, all over the place. He is, without a doubt, a worthwhile man and, as Noh Sun Ki said, "grab onto him. He liked you even when he thought you were a guy. Who knows? Maybe he won't go."

5. Choi Han Kyul has an inner kid.

MCM_ChoiHanKyul_Kid Well, I think we all have an inner kid in us, but Choi Han Kyul isn't exactly secretive about it... after sharing his Lego world with Go Eun Chan, that is. He has a rather large setup where he kicks back, relaxes, and plays around with his Lego toys to his heart's content. It's cute, but more importantly than that, it's a completely safe way to de-stress. Choi Han Kyul has a zero percent alcohol tolerance, so he's not out getting drunk all the time when the going gets tough. He doesn't pick physical fights with strangers and he doesn't verbally argue with others much either. Instead, these toys are the alternatives that he chose and it became his way of dealing with life issues, whatever they may be, and I have total respect for that! Plus, I do think it would be rather cool to suddenly find a prized Lego figure in my locker as a gift! Did you like Choi Han Kyul as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below and remember that nominations are still open for January's Mystery Reveal, so don't be shy about sharing who your Man Crush Monday is! [tv]Watch Choi Han Kyul in Coffee Prince on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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