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Halftime Report: "The Legendary Witch"


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We are 18 episodes into "The Legendary Witch" and things are finally starting to pick up for each of our girls.

Moon Soo In

When we last saw Moon Soo In (Han Ji Hye), she was in trouble because of her crazy creeper boss. But never fear! Nam Woo Seok (Ha Seok Jin) showed up to save the day. In a turn of events, it's the (slightly) illegal actions of mother Shim Bok Nyeo (Go Doo Shim) and first sister Son Poong Geum (Oh Hyun Kyung), which included breaking into the bakery, breaking open the CCTV machine, and blackmailing the crazy creeper boss, that got their second daughter Soo In out of the police station. LegendWitch half 2LegendWitch half 1 With Seo Mi O (Ha Yeon Soo) and Kwang Ddang, the family is reunited and it feels so good! LegendWitch half 4 With Nam Woo Seok and Park Yi Moon's welcome, Soo In, Mi O, and Kwang Ddang start living with their mother and new family members. However, living together means accidents like this happen. LegendWitch half 7 More on this later. After struggling to find work, Woo Seok suggest that Bok Nyeo and Soo In participate in an original recipe baking competition. They win the whole thing and earn the first place prize money; Soo In decides to start a food truck named "Magic Bread." LegendWitch half 5LegendWitch half 8LegendWitch half 6 Her toast is selling great, and she's finally found a good place for her truck and has regular customers coming. The four of them even fight off two men trying to take their money. LegendWitch half 11 But, this wouldn't be a k-drama if her truck didn't just happen to be right in front of Moon Joo Ran's bakery and stealing all of her customers. LegendWitch half 10 Joo Ran plants one of her workers to fake an illness after eating Soo In's toast, but thanks to more of Bok Nyeo and Poong Geum's (slightly illegal) active intervention, Joo Ran is confronted in front of her whole family and forced to back off. LegendWitch half 14 However, the damage is done to her truck's reputation. Plus, Joo Ran, still angry, hires men to make the truck disappear in the dark of the night. Just when Soo In doesn't know what to do, Kim Young Ok (the bully at the Women's Penitentiary) comes to her rescue. She has just been freed, but not only is she free - she's rich. She's won the lottery. LegendWitch half 18 She tells Moon Soo In (before the truck is taken care of) that if her food is good, she'll set up a bakery for her. Young Ok absolutely loves Soo In's bread, and it seems this is where the path of revenge is going next. (As my mother has been saying, these girls are going to need money for revenge against Shinhwa. Kim Young Ok is key.)

Nam Woo Seok

Among all of this, there is a love line forming. After that kiss, the two agree to pretend it never happened. They continue to foster a good teacher-student relationship, while Woo Seok secretly begins to develop serious feelings for her. LegendWitch half 19 But the Ma family, once again, stands in the way. Ma Tae San has apparently seen Nam Woo Seok as Joo Hee's potential husband - and the two as Shinhwa's potential future leaders - since Woo Seok was awarded the scholarship from Shinhwa. Joo Hee has also been in love with Woo Seok for as long as she's know him: 10 years. She claims she won't make the same mistake again (with Byeol's mom) and let him go to another woman. LegendWitch half 22 However, he's already gone to another woman, and it just happens to be the girl that the Ma family as a whole kind of betrayed and left to rot. Yay, love triangles! LegendWitch half 20 Woo Seok has been one-sidedly pursuing Soo In though, going to her truck every night for dinner and giving her sweet presents. LegendWitch half 15 Then, the most recent episode ends with a confession. Finally.  LegendWitch half 25 (Say yes. Say yes to the perfect man.)

Shim Bok Nyeo

Bok Nyeo is living a peaceful life, taking care of all of her children and running the store with her boyfriend Park Yi Moon. LegendWitch half 24 However, she's still looking for answers from 30 years ago, when her house was set on fire, her husband and son (supposedly) killed, and Bok Nyeo framed for all of it. There's paperwork that not only she, but Ma Tae San's new wife Cha Aeng Ran, is looking for. And it was buried under this tree everyone is so fond of. LegendWitch half 3 Ma Tae San's first wife Bok Dan Shim is suffering from Alzheimer's, but she was present at the time of the fire. She knows where the paperwork went, but when both Cha Aeng Ran and Shim Bok Nyeo ask, she has an episode with severe head pain, unable to answer the question everyone is asking: where and what is this mysterious paperwork? LegendWitch half 12LegendWitch half 21 It seems to be crucial in clearing Bok Nyeo's name and finding out who really killed her husband and son... supposedly. (Supposedly, because all signs point to Nam Woo Seok being her son. It's still unclear, but knowing this drama, it's highly likely.)

Seo Mi O

Mi O is also trying to live a peaceful life with her son Kwang Ddang, first working at a cafe and then working for "Magic Bread" by brewing coffee. However, her life is in turmoil because Ma Do Jin, Kwang Ddang's father, obviously still has feelings for her and keeps showing up. She realizes that she still has feelings for him too when she learns that he's getting engaged to Bo Kyung, but she can't do anything about it because Do Jin's mother threatened to take Kwang Ddang away from her. And Kwang Ddang is Mi O's life. LegendWitch half 16LegendWitch half 17 While Mi O is keeping her distance, Do Jin is in constant pain. He's getting engaged because his mom wants him to, but he still loves Mi O. When he finds out that Mi O was in the Women's Penitentiary instead of being abroad - and that it was his mother's doing - he throws a fit. Imagine when he finds out about his son. (I can't wait.) LegendWitch half 23 (I also can't wait until Ma Do Jin finally breaks free from his mother's death hold and finally gets the happy ending both he and Mi O deserve.)

Son Poong Geum

Our final and oldest sister Poong Geum had bet all of her money on who she thought was Ma Do Jin, but it turned out to be the driver Tak Wol Han. After many dates and even a proposal with a fake diamond ring, the big secret is finally revealed... because they live in the same dormitory. LegendWitch half 9 And they become number one enemies. Tak Wol Han continues his job as a driver, and Poong Geum begins working for "Magic Bread." However, their bickering never stops. I mean, this is fate too. Who knows what will happen here? LegendWitch half 13 The last eight episodes were slower than the first ten, but I'm already so invested in these four girls (and Ha Seok Jin...) that it didn't even matter. Plus, it looks like things are starting to pick up. The Nam Woo Seok-Moon Soo In love line is about to sparkle. Kim Young Ok is going to be a huge catalyst in the revenge against Shinhwa with their new bakery. And secrets are starting to be revealed, one by one. At halftime, we're just about to get started. [tv]Enjoy The Legendary Witch on SoompiTV![/tv] For all “The Legendary Witch” recaps, click here.

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