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Highlights: "Modern Farmer" Episode 19


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The second-to-last episode of “Modern Farmer” gives answers to questions that have hung around much of the show, but a few have been left for the final. Things have started to wrap up for the side stories and the smaller plot line, but the biggest aspects of the plot have yet to find their solutions. 1. Kang Hyuk overhears the truth about the contract, and the past comes to light. kangjooncontract_modernfarmer Being that he was still suspicious of the CEO, Kang Hyuk decides to listen in on the conversation between Yoo Na and the CEO. In doing this, he discovers that Yoo Na set all of this up. Furious, he reenters the room and tears up the contract they had just signed. But it is here that we learn why Kang Hyuk holds all of this hatred for the CEO and Yoo Na. Back when the group was first about the debut, Kang Hyuk overheard the man sexually harassing Yoo Na. When he got angry and tried to stop the CEO, the punching fight that was revealed in a flashback earlier in the show occurred. Unfortunately, Yoo Na stood up for the CEO so that she could protect her career. To make matters worse, Lee Min Ki overhears Kang Hyuk and Yoo Na’s conversation about it and feels angry and betrayed. And to put the cherry on top, Lee Min Ki enters the CEO’s office and punches him. 2. Han Ki Joon and Bul Ja have a heart-to-heart, but… buljakijoon_modernfarmer Though Han Ki Joon had tried to help her escape, Bul Ja was ultimately caught. Going to where they house the deportees, Han Ki Joon takes the chance to talk to her one last time before she is forced out of the country. Bul Ja reveals how happy she was to have met him and how she will never forget their time together, but gets upset and disappointed when she learns that he gave up farming. He keeps her from getting up and leaving right then by promising to go back and continue. But he has one thing left to say before he goes. Han Ki Joon confesses to Bul Ja that he loves her, promising to succeed and go get her. Bul Ja hesitates to respond, but before she can even start to say something, she is forced to go back to her cell by an officer. 3. Kang Yoon Hee finds a new way for the group to sell the cabbages. saltedcabbage_modernfarmer Even though the price for cabbage has hit rock bottom, the price of salted cabbage has remained steady. So, Kang Yoon Hee gets the group set up with the special government program that helps farmers sell their crops, and gets everyone to help pitch in making the salted cabbage. 4. The hidden money situations sorts itself out rather… dramatically. cabbagefiasco_modernfarmer So after the coma man tells the girls where the money is, they spend forever trying to wait for the moment to storm the field. However, ever since the group found out that someone was seemingly after their cabbages, they guarded it. Eventually the coma man got frustrated enough to go to his car and pull out a gun. He forces the group to dig up the money and is about to take off with it when the real owner shows up. The Congressman, however, decides that everyone was a witness and kidnaps them to take care of them. However, as things played out Park Deuk Chool strikes again with his taekkyeon. He takes out every one of the bodyguards when they attack him, unknowingly saving everyone in the process. 5. Yoo Han Chul learns the truth about Lee Soo Yun. hanchulsooyun_modernfarmer In the end, Yoo Han Chul learns from Lee Soo Yun what she had been doing there and becomes quite upset—more because he thinks everything between them was also fake like her identity. Though she sincerely apologizes, Yoo Han Chul simply can’t accept it because she “deceived his heart over money.” But as he walks away and she is emotionally screaming out her reasons for her deeds, Yoo Han Chul suddenly collapses. Through all the crazy times and laughter, Yoo Han Chul still has cancer that is due to take his life. [tv]Don’t miss the final episode of Modern Farmer next Saturday on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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