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Highlights: "Birth of a Beauty" Episode 15


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Episode 15 of “Birth of a Beauty” brings back-to-back oppositions to Sa Ra and Han Tae Hee’s engagement. Thanks to the ever-wonderful Gyo Chae Yun, Madam Park is now “fully aware” of the things Sa Ra did to Gyo Chae Yun’s marriage and all her scandalous activities, and Madam Park demands that Sa Ra leave her grandson. However, regardless of the obstacles in their way, the couple still plows forward towards marriage. 1. Lee Kang Joon starts threatening Sa Ra as Sa Geum Ran and stalking her. sarakangjoon_birthofabeauty Almost immediately as the episode begins, Lee Kang Joon reveals that he one-hundred percent knows that Sa Ra is Sa Geum Ran. Though he leaves with threats hanging in the air, as time goes on he repeatedly appears in front of Sa Ra and digs into her, trying to shake her. She, however, finally finds the strength to fight against him. 2. Han Tae Hee tells Sa Ra he wants to have a Christmas wedding. christmasmarriage_birthofabeauty Though Christmas is a mere four days away, Han Tae Hee reveals that that is when he wants the wedding. He wants her to be his wife as soon as possible so that she can put her anxiety over Lee Kang Joon to rest. It may be a bit farfetched, but romanticist Han Tae Hee says he wants the wedding on Christmas because then their next three generations will be happy. 3. Sa Ra starts fighting by telling Lee Kang Joon’s family he was arrested for murdering Sa Geum Ran. kangjoonfamilysara_birthofabeauty This is Sa Ra’s main retaliation against Lee Kang Joon: causing discourse in his family by revealing that his arrest was on suspicion of murdering Sa Geum Ran. With the sudden information, his mother and sisters are in understandable disbelief and distress, but given that his father learned of this previously, the man remains fairly quiet. 4. Han Tae Hee wins the union workers’ trust over Han Min Hyuk. everyoneunionworkers_birthofabeauty Since Winner Food using Sa Ra’s rice balls as their new product is technically a breach of Sa Ra’s contract with HBS, Han Min Hyuk tries to “rightfully” re-persuade the union workers into continuing to sell the ingredients for their severance pay. However, Han Tae Hee is quick to appear and reveal to the workers that Winner Food’s bankruptcy is Han Min Hyuk’s doing, and that both of them are running for CEO of Winner Group. Han Tae Hee promises to the workers that he will be doing his best to revive the company, and his words convince the workers once more. 5. Han Tae Hee is unexpectedly betrayed. sarataeheeattacked_birthofabeauty Through Han Min Hyuk we learn that Madam Park’s personal butler is the one actually responsible for the factory explosion that killed everyone but Han Tae Hee. The orders were given by Han Min Hyuk’s mother via her loathing of the legitimate family line. With this knowledge in mind, Han Min Hyuk forces the butler to make an attack on Han Tae Hee. When the latter gets a suspicious and worrisome anonymous text message to meet, he doesn’t hesitate to go confront the person. However, this only leads to him being beaten by thugs. Having already noticed her fiancé’s unusual behavior, Sa Ra gets Team Leader Choi to go with her to track Han Tae Hee down via GPS. Unfortunately, Sa Ra finds him beaten and unconscious. With all the ups and downs of this show, tell us below what you think of the plot and where it is going! [tv]Catch Birth of a Beauty every Saturday and Sunday on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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