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Kang Hye Jung and Lee Chun Hee are Guests for "Running Man" Christmas Special


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Actors Kang Hye Jung and Lee Chun Hee will be showing off their great sense of humor in “Running Man.” Kim Hye Ja, Kang Hye Jung, and Lee Chun Hee will be appearing as guests in the Christmas special “Take Care of Mom” episode of the SBS variety show “Running Man,” which will be aired on December 21. Most importantly, Kang Hye Jung and Lee Chun Hee will rock the studio with their very different personalities and show off their great sense of humor. Despite having opposite charms, the two were said to have made the whole staff constantly laugh by working as the perfect A team. Kang Hye Jung’s charm was her shrewd manner and strong spirit. Throughout the whole time, she boosted her optimism and continuously had a smile on her face, succeeding in all the of the missions. Even in missions in which she had quickly to move heavy objects, despite her petite figure, Kang Hye Jung easily transported the objects, surprising the staff watching. Also, during missions, she openly showed her joy in winning by sending thumps ups to her teammates. Even when she had flour all over herself, her bright smile was contagious to everyone around her. The crew of “Running Man” loved Kang Hye Jung’s cheerfulness, which lightened the whole atmosphere of the filming. On the other hand, Lee Chun Hee revealed his true colors of being naïve and a klutz. Due to his prior friendships with the “Running Man” cast, Lee Chun Hee was able to fit right in despite his long absence from variety shows. He enjoyed “Running Man” to its fullest as he seemed to find his humor back from his old outdoor variety days. Lee Chun Hee especially had great chemistry with Lee Kwang Soo, often being called the “New-Old Unfortunate Man.” The two seemed to be competing in who was clumsier, making the whole scene funnier because of their similar tall height. “Despite their different personalities and charms, the guests fit in perfectly with the crew,” the staff said. “Because it is a Christmas special, you will be able to watch a funnier and more touching ‘Running Man’ than ever.”

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