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Shin Se Kyung Wanted to Join "Tazza 2" Despite Her Agency's Disapproval


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Actress Shin Se Kyung recently had a photo shoot and interview with Allure magazine, posing as a snowy winter goddess and sharing her thoughts on her recent movie “Tazza 2.” Shin Se Kyung revealed that her agency did not want her to be in “Tazza 2” but she insisted on taking on the project. As the role called for some nudity and cursing, her agency was against her joining the production, but after reading the script, she really wanted to do it. She said, “From the director, co-stars, and fun script, I thought ‘Tazza 2’ would be a very good production. But my agency thought there were some aspects of the film that would not be good for me as a female actor. As I have been with the agency since childhood, there are times when they seem like a parent.” She also shared some personal stories in the interview. “I’m someone who gains energy by being around others. Because of this, when I’m not filming a movie or drama, it’s hard for me. If I don’t make plans such as travelling, my mood goes down with a free schedule. The photos accompanying her interview show Shin Se Kyung in Japan with a background of pristine snow. The wintery white background and clothing creates a perfect winter mood. Shin Se Kyung1Shin Se Kyung2Shin Se Kyung3Shin Se Kyung4

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