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Jessica Reportedly Living with Tyler Kwon in Hong Kong


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Hong Kong media has reported that Jessica and boyfriend Tyler Kwon are living together. On December 18, Hong Kong’s HK Channel revealed a picture that was taken on December 11 of Jessica and Tyler Kwon enjoying each other’s company while shopping. The couple in the photo seemed to be shopping at ease without being conscious of others. According to the report, the two were looking around a baby store and left after buying a baby outfit. “After Jessica left Girls' Generation, she has been settling in Hong Kong while living with Tyler Kwon at his apartment on Seymour Road,” states the report. They also added that she had been living in Hong Kong for six months. In the midst of continuous reports on Jessica and Tyler’s love life, this report, also, has garnered much attention from the Chinese audience. Meanwhile, Jessica has been actively working in China as a designer after leaving Girls' Generation. She recently launched her very own fashion line, “BLANC & ECLARE.” Source (1)

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