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Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Participate in Script Reading for "Hyde, Jekyll, I"


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The upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama "Hyde, Jekyll,  I" recently held its first script reading where actors Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min attended. Aside from the lead actors, the script reading for the upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama "Hyde, Jekyll, I" was well attended by Director Jo Young Kwang, writer Kim Ji Eun, the series' creator Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon, as well as the other actors such as Sung Joon, Lee Duk Hwa, Lee Seung Joon, Lee Won Geun, Kwak Hee Sung, Lee Se Na, and Oh Na Ra. The staff of the drama also went and showed their full support. Even while the production is in its preliminary stages, the staff and actors showed kindness and warmth to each other as they exchanged greetings before the script reading began. Director Jo Young Kwang commented, "I tried my best to cast the best mix (of actors). For us, (these are) the best actors to play the characters. Although a difficult work schedule is about to start, I request everyone to make a lot of effort," and encouraged the actors. During the script reading, Hyun Bin showed great concentration as he read out lines for his his character which has two personalities--that of a really good guy and a really bad guy. Hyun Bin's effort to get to know the character he'll play showed as he went on with the script reading and showed the distinct difference between the personalities of the character he's playing. Han Ji Min did her best as well as she read out lines for the role of a lovely circus master. Aside from reading out her lines without any trouble, the character that Han Ji Min played was seen in her eyes. The staff who were present at the script reading all praised Han Ji Min for her passionate performance. The upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama "Hyde, Jekyll, I" is a different romantic comedy wherein a woman falls in love with a man with two personalities--Jekyll, the worst man in the world, and Hyde, the unequaled kindest man in the world. It is slated to air in January, following the conclusion of "Pinocchio."

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