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Kim Woo Bin On His Shower Scene for "The Technicians" and Looking Like a Dinosaur


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The December 17 edition of "Night of TV Entertainment" aired excerpts from a shower scene featuring actor Kim Woo Bin. The scene was taken from the star's forthcoming crime thriller movie, "The Technicians," which will be released in Korea on December 24. During the interview, Kim Woo Bin was asked how long he expected his huge popularity among female fans to last. To this, he answered modestly, "I don't think I am quite at that kind of level yet." When asked what he thinks is attractive about himself, Kim Woo Bin responded jokingly, "I think I look unique. I look a bit like a dinosaur, even though I find that hard to admit. I look a bit like a carnivorous dinosaur!" Kim Woo Bin2 Speaking about his shower scene in the movie, Kim Woo Bin said that the director of "The Technicians," Kim Hong Seon, told him that the sequence was being included as a "sort of commercial scene for fans." The actor also revealed that he initially was working out a lot for the film. "But I was worried that if I spent too much time working out, I might not be able to keep my focus on other aspects of making the film. So I settled for some intense working out right before we shot the shower scene," he said.

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