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[k.o.] Knight Online Anyone?


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Hope there wasn't already a thread on this...O_O...

Does anyone play this? I'm a cheap person so I don't play WoW or anything else that makes you pay monthly. I play free games. :lol:

I haven't played lately because I don't have the internet at my house anymore and I haven't been to my cousins house lately either. I'm slowly losing my memories of the game... ._. ...

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Guest ssapple01


I really like the game.

Knight Online is a fully 3D dowloadable MMORPG with a vast world to explore, and a chaotic realm to explore. The Free-To-Play version of Knight Online gives players the opportunity to purchase unavailable in-game scrolls which will greatly help the players in their clan war, player versus player, hunting and levelling up by boosting the players characters in many ways. The scrolls are able to increase attack power, boosting defence rating, increasing maximum hit points etc.

The grafics aren't so good but i liked the easy gameplay and the caracteristic of the game has good hints about monsters and its locations.

And there is only a thing i dont like the bugs and dificulty to find items for mage and warrior at begin levels.But i give 4 stars.

By the way,I believe that many guys will be tired of getting gold by killing monsters, and me too although I love this game very much. So I have to look for some good sites to buy gold. Luckily, I have found one------gkplayer dot com which I think is not a scaming site at least. their service and price are reasonale too.I trust it and I am often buy gold from the site. I think maybe you guys can have a try. It does no bad, I think.Currently they have a 5% free point promotion.

After you have tried, you may agree with me.

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Guest RnBaddict

WOW i remember playing this game like i dunno....several years ago

Its the FIRST EVER full 3-d mmo games so dont expect too much from it. I would recommend you play a more recent game and if you dont want to pay to play a game, believe me theres a never ending number of free to play games out there if you actually search for it

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I used to play this game, I had a level 80 assassin. Got tired of all the Turkish players and rarely run into a English speaking player.

I had a killer minor heal combo, pretty much can own any class except for good warriors and battle priests. Used to walk up to noob paper mages and just spike the hell out of them.

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