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Woman Crush Wednesday: "Surplus Princess's" Ahn Hye Young


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We're going to take a trip to the eccentric side this week on Woman Crush Wednesday because that is definitely one of the words I would use to describe Ahn Hye Young from "Surplus Princess." She's a really interesting character and I loved getting to know her through the short ten episode run of the fantasy rom-com drama where lightheartedness and humor were the highlights. Without spoiling anything in advance, let's go directly to the breakdown of why Ahn Hye Young is so awesome! (Spoilers ahead.)

1. She's quirky.

WCW_AhnHyeYoung_Quirky I always love a good, quirky woman and Ahn Hye Young is the perfect example of that. Not only did she receive the news rather well that her newest housemate is actually a mermaid, but she believes that Kim Ha Ni is the reincarnation of her dead fish, Julie. Yes. You read that correctly. Reincarnation. Of. Her. Fish. Ha! On top of that, she also has a large and loyal fanbase of her webcast where she practically inhales copious amounts of food for their viewing pleasure. As if that wasn't already unusual enough, Ahn Hye Young always dresses up for her webcast like she's about to head out to a cosplay, so she's seen frequently sporting ears, lace, frills, costumes, and the works.

2. She has a dry, witty sense of humor.

WCW_AhnHyeYoung_Humor Half the time, I'm not even sure whether to outrageously laugh at what Ahn Hye Young says or to commend her for her efforts. Still, her sense of humor, whether intentional or not, is probably what I love about her most. From lines like, "Ji Yong and Byung Jae's faces are a mess because God focused on you. With effort and care, effort and care... then he got tired, so he just slapped a few things together and threw them aside and that's how they came about" to her loud proclamations of "Park Dae Bak!" and her somewhat creepy, "I can feel Julie's soul in you," Ahn Hye Young's amusing personality never wavers. And who could forget the first time she met Ahn Ma Nyeo? Talk about downright hilarious! She's always amusing and I could never wait to see what comes out of her mouth next.

3. She knows the true value of friendship.

WCW_AhnHyeYoung_Friendship Not only does she keep Kim Ha Ni's deep secret, she helps her on numerous occasions in hiding it. From the moment she found out, Ahn Hye Young never had the thought to reveal her friend's real identity to the other members of the Surplus House. She even assists Kim Ha Ni in sneaking away at times for a quick mermaid dip in the water. Additionally, her loyalty to, not just Kim Ha Ni, but her other housemate, Lee Hyun Myung, causes minor complications in the fragile and barely existent friendship she previously had with his ex-girlfriend, Yoon Jin Ah. She sidetracks her outside a restaurant in order for Kim Ha Ni to get some alone time with her man of interest, Kwon Shi Kyung. Although it was blatantly obvious what Ahn Hye Young's plan was, Yoon Jin Ah had no other options than to oblige by it, especially at Ahn Hye Young's reminder that she had already foretold Yoon Jin Ah's betrayal in the past. She's the kind of best friend I would want for life, no doubts about it!

4. Ahn Hye Young is subtle in her emotions.

WCW_AhnHyeYoung_Subtle Ahn Hye Young's shifts in demeanor are almost always subtle and I can really appreciate that. She's not loud or obnoxious about her thoughts and feelings and she cares more for others than she would ever dare verbalize. When Kim Ha Ni went up to her room for the first time, she got angry about the invasion of privacy during her live webcast, but the second time Kim Ha Ni entered her room, Ahn Hye Young very brightly bid her fans goodbye, closed her laptop, and welcomed her inside. When Ahn Hye Young found out that Lee Sun Kyu, her crush, was a secret Pop Mister, which I took to mean a Crayon Pop fan, and that her ideas of him turned out to be more fantasy than realistic, she decided to leave quietly. She never threw a fit, got angry, confronted him, or reacted negatively; Ahn Hye Young simply felt that punch to the gut and decided to remove herself from the equation. Her lively actions always scream louder than her words, but it's the subtly of the rest of Ahn Hye Young that shows there is more to her than meets the eye and I love that multifaceted aspect of her.

5. She is persistent where it counts.

WCW_AhnHyeYoung_Determination Ahn Hye Young doesn't give up easily. When she first received news that she had failed a musical audition, she didn't simply hang up the phone in despair, she attempted to persuade them to give her another chance by warbling out another song and dance right there on the spot. I like that, despite her success and fame with her food webcast, she still has other dreams that she wants to achieve and always works towards it. She doesn't allow minor setbacks and roadblocks to get her down - Ahn Hye Young finds a bulldozer and drives her way right through.

Bonus Reason

WCW_AhnHyeYoung_Cute She's just so cute whenever she's with Big! I squeal with delight whenever they are onscreen together. Hehe. However many reasons and whatever the case may be, Ahn Hye Young was definitely one of the best highlights to "Surplus Princess" and I always enjoyed watching her onscreen. What did you think? Did you like her quirkiness as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to keep those Mystery Reveal nominations coming! (Show the ladies some love, will you? Hehe.) [tv]Feeling bored? Then let Ahn Hye Young amuse you in Surplus Princess on SoompiTV![/tv]

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