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BIGBANG Nostalgia: Back to the Beginning


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The five member group, BIGBANG, has definitely established a name for themselves over the years. They have definitely become one of the world's hottest stars and trendsetters, whether in music and even in fashion. And above all, they have transformed over the years from cute, charming boys to charismatic, handsome men. We will be taking it back to the beginning and seeing some of their most memorable performances and collaboration performances. Of course, there are so many to choose from since they have been a group for a while. So take a look at just some of their awesome performances!

1) Tell Me & Lies - BIGBANG and Wonder Girls Collab

YG meets JYP! This was an epic performance because two of the top groups of K-pop at the time came together to perform their hit songs. The two groups showcased their perfect chemistry with one another. BIGBANG was able to show their cute, boyish charms with their eye smiles during "Tell Me," making the girls go crazy. Then they performed their popular song, "Lies," showing a more hardcore and charismatic side. I am pretty sure that after this performance, fans started "shipping" some of these couples together because of their perfect chemistry. It was just overall a perfectly staged performance and everyone on and off stage was enjoying it! Bonus: The two groups came together a few years later to do a BIGBANG - Wonder Girls medley, where each couple were covering one hit song!

2) Haru Haru

If you search "BIGBANG Haru Haru Live," this will be the very first video. With over 5 million views, this was definitely a popular performance. This song came out in 2008 and gained as much popularity as "Lies" and "Last Farewell." When they performed this song, it was after they ended their promotions in Japan, so I think fans were just super excited that their favorite stars came back to Korea. This song has a dramatic and emotional vibe to it, but I think that they showcased this perfectly with their wardrobe, hairstyles, and makeup. Their perfect raps and vocals compliment each other well, and they are just charismatic and cool in this performance. I love how G-Dragon and T.O.P seem like they are just rap battling with each other. Throughout the entire performance, you can just hear the V.I.P fan girls screaming and going insane! (By the way, loving T.O.P's amazing voice in this performance!)

3) 2013 MAMA

With over 8 MILLION views, this was an unbelievable performance! The group has had their share of solo albums and performances. Each member performed their solo hits, such as T.O.P's "Doom Dada," Taeyang's "Ringa Linga," Seungri's "Strong Baby," and G-Dragon's "Crooked." The whole group ended with "Fantastic Baby!" Their outfits were amazing! They were all different styles and colors, but they somehow still matched together. And they got everyone on their feet and seriously brought the house DOWN! BIGBANG is always like this, but I really enjoyed this performance especially because they were just having so much fun performing and interacting with the audience. They were going wild. They made it so entertaining to watch! Even all the singers that attended were having so much fun, singing along and dancing. With V.I.Ps everywhere around the concert arena, it felt like I was watching a BIGBANG concert performance.

4) 2008 MKMF - Big Bang and Lee Hyori Collab

This performance had girls going crazy especially because of... I guess you'll just have to continue reading to find out. BIGBANG and Lee Hyori performed a medley of some of BIGBANG's hit songs such as, Taeyang's "Only Look at Me," Lies," and "Haru Haru." Seungri and Hyori performed "U-Go-Girl," and she and Daesung performed a special version of "Look At Me, Gwisoon." Then at the end, everyone came together to perform a special version of Lee Hyori's timeless classic, "10 Minutes." The performances were just so fun and awesome, but the part that got everyone's jaw dropping was T.O.P and Hyori's special kiss scene! SQUEALS! MAJOR FEELS! They were just taking their time, making it suspenseful, but that is what made their quick kiss so unforgettable. It probably goes down as one of the best collab performances in K-pop!

5) BIGBANG Debut Stage

Wow. Lastly, we are going to take it way back to the beginning to BIGBANG's debut stage. They made their television debut on September 23, 2006. Can you believe it has been 8 years? Time sure does go by fast. They performed an intro and "La La La" and "V.I.P." Even though it was their debut stage, they were so passionate, charismatic, and totally professional. It didn't even seem like they were nervous. Their performance, especially "V.I.P," was so on point and hardcore. They had fire going up on the stage as they performed. It was pretty epic. Even for their very first performance, they were having so much fun on stage. And of course, you could still hear the fan girls in the background! BIGBANG is a very talented and remarkable group. They blow me away with each performance and album. Looking back at all their videos makes me wonder how much further they will succeed in not only Asia, but in the whole world. They were already super talented from the beginning, so it makes me look forward for their future as genuine artists. I hope you enjoyed some of their most memorable performances. Comment below and tell me which Big Bang performance is your favorite!

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