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Highlights: "Modern Farmer" Episode 18


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Episode 18 of “Modern Farmer” brings more laughter rather than tears, but it is clear that the show is starting to wrap itself up. Alternatives for the group begin appearing since their cabbage farming seems to be a flop, and some of the couples are beginning to finalize themselves. However, there are still some loose ends that have yet to show signs of being tied up. 1. Meteors fall in Hadurok Ri. meteor_modernfarmer One night, meteors suddenly fell and one struck a villager’s green house. The media is quick to pick up on the story, and people from all over the country decide to head to Hadurok Ri to try and find some pieces of meteor for themselves. The group, upon learning this, desperately look for one themselves in the hope that it will give them enough money to make their album. Shockingly, they manage to discover one, but in their excitement driving to Seoul end up running the truck off the road—to the point that it’s teetering on a ledge. Being the idiots that they are, they eventually think that the only way to save themselves from falling into the water is to throw the meteor out. But of course, just seconds later the police show up to rescue them. 2. Hwang Man Goo caves and buys his sister a coffee shop. mangoocoffeeshop_modernfarmer After doing everything she could to get her brother to buy her a coffee shop, and eventually running away when Hwang Man Goo continuously refused, Hwang Yi Ji is finally approached by her brother. He had pretended not to care that she had run away, but it was clear that Hwang Man Goo was worried. So, he finally caves and buys her a coffee shop in Seoul so she can pursue this new dream of hers. 3. The group is given an opportunity to make an album. secondchance_modernfarmer Yoo Na, desperate to get the group—namely Lee Min Ki—to leave the village, calls her CEO and says she’ll return under one condition: he has to let the group create an album. He agrees, and pretending to have just heard from the CEO, Yoo Na tells the boys that he is interested in them. Seizing this opportunity, the group—minus Han Ki Joon—go to Seoul for an audition. Things go well, but at the same time the boys don’t seem fully satisfied. 4. The coma man shows up in Hadurok Ri. comamanleesooyun_modernfarmer Surprise, surprise, the coma man shows up in Hadurok Ri. He finds that people are digging in the field he stashed the money in, so he quickly looks for the spot. However, lo and behold, there is a stack of cabbages sitting right on top of the location. Leaving the field irritated, he ends up running into Lee Soo Yun and her sunbae—literally. He recognizes both of them right away, but Lee Soo Yun holds her ground when he gets upset that they’re looking for “his” money. 5. Han Ki Joon happens across Bul Ja in Seoul. kijoonbulja_modernfarmer Han Ki Joo goes to a norebang with his friends, but he can’t get his mind off of everything he left behind. While his friends sing, he leaves, but by a stroke of luck finds that Bul Ja is there. She is clearly dressed as someone who keeps the norebang’s customers company, and there is an angry drunken man trying to bring her back into the room. Quickly recognizing the situation, Han Ki Joon attacks the man and runs off with Bul Ja. When another fight breaks out outside, some nearby police stop it. However, they notice something suspicious about Bul Ja and ask for her ID. When she freezes up, Han Ki Joon suddenly blocks the police and tells her to run. With one week left, how do you think the show is going to wrap up? Tell us below! [tv]Catch what’s left of Modern Farmer next Saturday and Sunday on SoompiTV![/tv]

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