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Highlights: "Birth of a Beauty" Episode 14


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Episode 14 of “Birth of a Beauty” has the cat coming out of the bag, so to speak. Sa Ra is unknowingly walking a very fine line with her new identity, and that line is about to snap. It seems that everyone is out to sabotage Sa Ra and Han Tae Hee’s possible engagement, and with Sa Ra hesitation to begin with, things will likely become more difficult for the couple. 1. Gyo Ji Hoon confronts Sa Ra about Han Tae Hee. jihoonsara_birthofabeauty With Sa Ra’s answer to Han Tae Hee’s proposal still pending, Gyo Ji Hoon meets with Sa Ra and tells her to reject it. With the impression that she is hopping between men for their status and that in doing so she ruined his sister’s marriage, Gyo Ji Hoon makes accusations. However, Sa Ra makes it clear that he doesn’t know everything that is going on and that she is not necessarily the one in the wrong. 2. Sa Ra gently rejects Han Min Hyuk’s confession. saraminhyukrejection_birthofabeauty When at the Winner Group family home as his mother’s cooking instructor, Han Min Hyuk escorts Sa Ra away as she leaves. When asked why he is so good to her, he tells Sa Ra that he likes her. However, she gently rejects the confession by admitting that she is in love with someone else and apologizes for not seeing the signs earlier. Clearly disappointed, but not upset, Han Min Hyuk asks who it is that she loves. Unfortunately, he learns that it is none other than Han Tae Hee. Though he doesn’t show his fury in front of Sa Ra, it is clear that things are going to get heated between the two men. 3. Han Tae Hee tries to persuade the angry union workers. taeheeunionworkers_birthofabeauty Things were looking up for Han Tae Hee’s new product for Winner group, that is until the union workers decided to sell off all of the Winner group stored ingredients. By word of Lee Kang Joon via Han Min Hyuk, the workers are told that they can sell the ingredients for their severance pay. When Han Tae Hee tries to do damage control, the workers refuse to listen to him. 4. The cat is officially out of the bag… sarakangjoon_birthofabeauty Though she said she wanted Lee Kang Joon to find out about Sa Ra on his own, Gyo Chae Yun all but tells Lee Kang Joon that Sa Ra is Sa Geum Ran. Lee Kang Joon then goes to the filming studio where Sa Ra is preparing and finds her singing. This song is the same one Sa Geum Ran would sing. This, in combination with several other clues, convinces Lee Kang Joon. He approaches Sa Ra and makes his new revelation clear. 5. Sa Ra accepts the proposal, but… kangjoonsarataehee_birthofabeauty After her mother tells her that she should marry Han Tae Hee, Sa Ra finally seems to let go of her fear and accepts the proposal. She meets with Han Tae Hee at the restaurant like they agreed, and they exchange rings. However, Lee Kang Joon secretly enters the restaurant and sees the two. The episode ends as he says, “Sa Geum Ran… my wife… is marrying another man?” Did you catch this week’s episodes? If so, tell us where you think the show is going below! [tv]Make sure to catch Birth of a Beauty every Saturday and Sunday on SoompiTV![/tv]

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