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Man Crush Monday: "Liar Game's" Ha Woo Jin


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If you know me, forum stalk me, or had simply stayed up-to-date on my highlight articles for "Liar Game" back when it was airing, then this week's Man Crush Monday should come as no surprise. For the past couple of months, I've been gushing practically nonstop about Ha Woo Jin and "Liar Game" and it's funny to me because romance wasn't even an aspect in the psychological thriller. He's definitely the darkest Man Crush Monday to date, but I've absolutely no control over who and when the crush bug bites. Still, I can, at least, provide the reasons why. Let's take a look, shall we? (Spoilers ahead!)

1. Ha Woo Jin is nothing short of a genius.

MCM_HaWooJin_Genius Ah... beauty and brains! From being the youngest psychology professor to safely breaking free from dangling on the ropes of death, Ha Woo Jin is totally and completely savvy in the brains department. I'm certain I'm not the only one who loves hearing his motto, "I have a way to win." It was amazing to watch him in action as the gears in his head clicks into place, as he quickly thinks on his feet, and as he tackles each situation with confidence. There is a certain thrill factor in knowing that if there is ever a challenge, Ha Woo Jin will approach it head-on, but I love that, at the same time, success is not always guaranteed. After all, this is Man Crush Monday, not God Crush Monday, right? Hehe.

2. He's always straight and upfront.

MCM_HaWooJin_2 Ha Woo Jin tells it like it is. If he thinks you're an idiot, then you're bound to have heard that from him on multiple occasions. If something doesn't go as planned, then it's a safe bet that Ha Woo Jin will let you know immediately. Make him angry? Oh, you'll know without a doubt! Contrary to the way he's portrayed as an untrustworthy swindler with a past, he's actually a very sincere and warm man. You just have to break through that hard exterior first to get to that gooey center. After all, how many people would have risked their own life in order to save the man behind his mother's suicide and playing with him like a puppet from a bullet aimed at the chest?

3. Ha Woo Jin knows about faithfulness.

MCM_HaWooJin_Faithfulness2"I'm a dog. Nam Da Jung's faithful and vicious dog. I'll show you what happens when you mess with my owner." I will never forget those words. Ever. Ha Woo Jin certainly has a way with words. Ha! But more than that, it was a display of his loyalty to Nam Da Jung. Who was she at that point? A burden, according to Ha Woo Jin. They weren't quite close enough to be considered friends, so I can really only settle for acquaintances, but Ha Woo Jin places so much importance in her. He also values his friendship with Jo Dal Goo and, eventually, even took Jamie somewhat under his wing. He doesn't forgive betrayal easily and gets hurt by them like any normal individual, but, all in all, Ha Woo Jin is as reliable as they come. My question still stands though... where can I get a dog like him?!

4. He has layers - like an onion!


Attractive. Intense. Mysterious. Introverted. Thoughtful. Intelligent. Subtle. Stubborn. Fiery. Ha Woo Jin has so many lovely layers and each one is more interesting than the last. A large part of me wonders what kind of a man Ha Woo Jin would have been if he hadn't witnessed his mother's suicide or decided to take revenge for it by becoming a swindler with the sole purpose of destroying the responsible company, but I don't think there is anything wrong with him either.

If it were me and I had the capability to avenge my mother, I'm certain I would have done the same. If anything, "Liar Game" portrayed Ha Woo Jin as a lonely man who had been dealt a large hand of dark tragedy. We saw that he kept to himself and was a loner. Other than his reporter acquaintance and Jo Dal Goo, he didn't have anyone - until Nam Da Jung came along as well. Even though he said she was a burden to him, her presence opened the door to multiple friendships for Ha Woo Jin - the participants he helped and formed a team with during Liar Game.

He was so stoic and harsh in the beginning, but was slowly softening to develop a slight sense of humor and even moments of lightheartedness that only made crushing on him all the more fun and enjoyable. He became a man who hurt because he had unintentionally hurt someone he had come to care for. He allowed those he had grown close to, to chip away at his coldness and bring in a bit of warmth into his life. He became more than just a shell of darkness and hatred because of his past. In the end, he smiled, chuckled, and seemed to be more at both ease and peace with himself and that's totally swoon worthy!

5. Ha Woo Jin gets the heart pounding.


I lost count of how many times I had to place a hand over my heart to try and stop it from going into cardiac arrest because of him. Haha. From getting up close and personal to those brief flashes of content feelings, Ha Woo Jin knows how to jump start the heart (and I'm not talking about Lee Sang Yoon's other role this year as a skilled doctor!) His overall intensity is breathtaking and I really couldn't help but wonder how and in what ways that intensity would grow if he used it to love someone instead. I think my heart would fairly explode if I got to see Ha Woo Jin pouring his positive emotions openly towards Nam Da Jung, but even if that leads to me dying of a heart attack, I'd still wish for a "Liar Game" season two for that possibility! He has the type of tension that's unforgettable and the type of haughty smirk you can't wait to see again. I couldn't help but root for him all the way until the end, but that's the power of Ha Woo Jin!

What did you think about Ha Woo Jin as this week's Man Crush Monday? Do you agree with me? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and don't forget to keep those nominations coming in! Our next Mystery Reveal will be taking place in January!

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