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Haru Makes Tablo Proud by Running Errands Alone on "Superman Returns"


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On the latest episode of KBS2TV's "Superman Returns," Haru made her father Tablo proud by going out and buying snacks for the members of Epik High all by herself.

The December 14 broadcast showed Haru visiting the backstage of Epik High's concert. To satisfy their sudden cravings, Tablo and his fellow group members asked Haru to run outside and buy some snacks for them to enjoy before the show. This being her first time to run errands, Haru appeared confused after hearing the request, but being the fearless young lady she is, she was soon on her way to the street food stalls.

The Epik High members had asked Haru to bring them savory snacks like ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and soondae (blood sausage), but Haru headed straight to the bungeoppang (pastry filled with red bean paste) stall. After purchasing two pieces of bread, she started walking back to the concert hall, but suddenly realized that she had completely forgotten to get any of the other snacks. Right before heading inside, Haru grabbed some of the more savory snacks to make sure no one will be disappointed.

Although the amount of food was not exactly enough to satisfy three male adults, Haru made Tablo proud by successfully running an errand all by herself – proving that she is no longer a little girl.

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