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JTBC “Maids” Production Team Offers Public Apology Following Fatal Set Fire


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After it was reported that a large fire had erupted on the set of JTBC’s “Maids” set on December 13, which took the life of one of the staff members, the drama’s production team has stepped forward to offer an apology to the bereaved, as well as all of the nation’s people. On December 14, the production company, Drama House, released an official public apology for the fatal accident: “We offer our sincerest apologies to the entire nation and the family of the deceased for the loss of a precious life to the tragic accident that occurred while filming the JTBC drama ‘Maids.’ On December 13, at the scene of the fire on the Yeoncheon set, a total of 73 staff members and actors of JTBC’s ‘Maids’ were in the process of filming. The time of the accident was around 1 p.m. (KST), when 59 of the cast and crew had left the location to eat, while 14 of the directing team and lighting staff remained at the set. Immediately after the fire started, 13 of these 14 rushed to evacuate safely. However, Ms. Yeom (35 years old), a scriptwriter, who was working in the production room on the second floor, was unable to escape in time and passed away. Ms. Yeom, as the main scriptwriter of ‘Maids’ and a veteran freelancer, always showed a strong sense of responsibility. Even on this day, it was revealed that she had stayed on set to organize the record of the morning’s filming. The current reports by some media outlets stating, ‘While everyone was out to eat, the fire occurred and took the life of Ms. Yeom, who was asleep by herself,” have been confirmed to be false. We request that the errors damaging the honor of the deceased be corrected. Additionally, the police are currently in the midst of investigating into the cause of the fire, and we expect that the exact cause will be revealed once the investigation is complete.” Source (1)

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