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Recap: 8 Best Moments of Kim Jong Kook and Haha’s “Running Man Brothers” Concert in NYC


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"Running Man" mainstays Spartakook (Kim Jong Kook) and Haroro (Haha) recently graced New York City with their brotherly love and combined talents as they embarked on a first U.S. Tour, “Running Man Bros.” The two-hour-long rock fest, held at the Colden Auditorium in Queens, New York, comprised of multiple collaboration stages and fan interactions pioneered by fluent English (Jongkook) and adorably simplistic English (Haha). Click through the gallery to check out our top 8 moments, in no particular order, of the concert, along with a photo recap!


Moment 1: The Bromance

If you didn’t already know, Kim Jongkook and Haha have been friends for close to two decades, having met when Haha was just 19. What does two decades of friendship mean? Bromance! The two, who refer to each other affectionately as “My Dongsaeng” and “Our Hyung” on “Running Man,” couldn’t wait to show off their close friendship, often man-hugging it out to the delight of the concert crowd.

Moment 2: The Running Man Shoutout

Prior to the beginning of the actual concert, Kim Jongkook and Haha were cheered on by fellow Running Man members, who had sent in a video shoutout to relay their congratulations on the two’s first U.S. tour. The five of them – Yoo Jaesuk, Lee Kwangsoo, Ji Sukjin, Gary, and Song Jihyo – hilariously bantered with one another, showing off the Running Man family spirit.


Moment 3: The English Covers

Mixing in their own renditions of hit English tracks, Kim Jongkook and Haha crafted a show that emphasized relevance to the U.S. audience, and kept the crowd on their toes. Among the best are Kim Jongkook’s cover of Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are,” Haha's energetic “Beautiful Girls,” “Stand By Me” mashup, and a tribute to New York City – Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” A video behind-the-scenes revealed the two’s hesitation in choosing the song (with Kwangsoo also hilariously interjecting his opinions), as Haha worries about the fast English rap. Evidently, they managed to reach a compromise as Haha leaps onto center stage to perform a Korean version of the rap portion. Two thumbs up for Kim Jongkook and Haha’s thoughtful set-list!


Moment 4: The Collaborations

Despite stepping on and off stage to perform their own respective singles, Kim Jongkook and Haha also found the time to collaborate with one another and perform each other’s songs! Haha’s “You’re My Destiny” got a healthy dose of vocals from Kim Jongkook, and Kim Jongkook’s “Lovable” had Haha leading the iconic dance. Bonus: The songs of 90s dance group Turbo also made a comeback at the concert!


Moment 5: The Abs

Enough said.


Moment 6: The Fan Interactions

The “Running Man Bros” concert was very much an extension of a fanmeeting, and Kim Jongkook and Haha made sure to keep the audience involved throughout the show. Fans were brought up on stage three separate times – first, when they took turns serenading a fan onstage with dance moves, second, when they celebrated the fans that came from afar (one even flew in from China to attend the show), and third, when they honored the youngest fans in the crowd. The two easily switched between their musician and variety personalities, allowing the audience to witness first-hand their on-screen wit and humor.


Moment 7: The Giveaways

Have you ever dreamt of having Kim Jongkook’s nametag? For some lucky fans, this dream came true, as they are now the proud owners of the Commander’s prized nametag! Who else wonders if they’ll frame it like Kwangsoo did after winning it in a race?


Moment 8: The English

What's a good K-Pop concert without hearing some adorably awkward English? One hilarious highlight of the show: Haha cues up the dramatics, only to declare, in English, "Ladies and Gentlemen... Boys and girls. I can't speak English, but I love you." -- Scroll through for a photo recap of the concert! 6254912101317182032282316 If you haven't already, be sure to also check out our coverage of Kim Jongkook and Haha's press conference, where they answered some questions about body switching, idol groups, and more! The "Running Man Brothers" concert will continue on to Dallas on December 14. Were you at the NYC stop?

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