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[VIDEO] Concept Idols VIXX Take on AS4U


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This week on "A Song For You" we learned that one of Kangin's favorite younger idol groups is VIXX. Despite his disappointment that the guests of the week were males, again, he was more than relieved that it was VIXX. The group joined MCs Kangin and Amber - with N taking over Yook Sungjae's spot for the week. With hilarious games, N's sass, and sweet videos from Soompiers who entered our weekly AS4U contest - this week's episode was both fun and touching! Here are my top 5 moments from AS4U's episode 18:

1. Meet the newest member of VIXX!

as4u-vixx-ken-the-can1s4u-vixx-ken-plus-can Since Ken couldn't make the opening of the show, Can filled in for him. Almost the same thing, almost.

2. N is the new Sungjae.

as4u-vixx-n-the-bestas4u-vixx-kangin-cant-with-n And I mean this in the best and not-so-best of ways. Kangin is pretty over him within the first 5 minutes.

3. Did you know that Leo cannot take a compliment?


In fact, he completely errors out when he receives them…

4. This wonderful hot mess of a game:

as4u-vixx-game-1as4u-vixx-game-2 Trying to get rid of all the balls from a tissue box -  while looking like idiots.

5. Performances!

as4u-vixx-singing-1as4u-vixx-singing-2 One of VIXX’s more uniquely styled songs, “Youth Hurts,” as well as their hit song “Error!”

Are you excited to catch all the action? Catch the full episode now:

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